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    I like Pre-1948 navy items. I collect WWII US Navy rates, SSI, strikers, and distinguishing marks. Amphibious ship enlisted jumpers/uniforms, Seabee jumpers/uniforms, Pharmacist mate uniforms/jumpers, any enlisted USN personnel serving with the USMC uniforms, USN medical equipment and USN marked field gear. Ash trays, awards, and other memorabilia from WWII era ships.

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  1. I also emailed the seller and politely asked to get some history on the uniform, where and when he got it, and he was rude and insulting so I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.
  2. If you have an ancestry or fold3 account you can search the marine muster rolls, of individual units if you want, with key words like hospital or rank of pharmacist mate etc, and pull up names of guys who were corpsman in those units very easily. It would not be hard to put together a jacket like that. Using a sailor with a pretty mundane service history would be one way to avoid real suspicion and scrutiny. I'm not accusing anybody here I'm just pointing out how easy it would be to build a fake jacket with period insignia, a stamp, and 10 min worth of research. With the way prices seem to be
  3. How about this: Navy Department NAF 1169-2 Contract NXs 1404
  4. I think its a shore party marking as well. M43s were worn on Okinawa. It could be from that period. The circles were painted on by most shore party members not just corpsman. You wont see corpsman in combat units with those circles. It could also be a post war tac marking. These jackets were used long after the war and there were plenty of large scale amphibious training ops post war. -J
  5. Here is a recent flea market find. 1960s 503rd MP BN painted helmet liner. The 503rd was based at Fort Bragg. The liner is a Firestone airborne liner. Not my area of expertise so i'll probably sell or trade it.
  6. This is my WWII navy corpsman mannequin. Everything is original except the white tshirt. Equipment includes: two usmc carbine pouches two canteens, one cross flap and one army M1923 dressing pouch M2 jungle first aid kit mark 1 fighting knife usmc pistol belt and suspenders 14-450 hospital corps pouch with supplies -J
  7. I thought that style of canteen cover was a WWII thing? The marine canteens I have seen from the WWI era are lined m1910 type with marine eagle snaps or the p1912 type with the extra rows of stitching on the backside. Can anyone enlighten us? -J
  8. Search for british medic bags or shell dressing bags in sold items on ebay. They seam to sell for $30-50 depending on condition and contents.
  9. The rates in tan and forest green were in short supply. its not too unusual to see a blue rate on a jacket. Is there a name associated with the pharmacist mate? -J
  10. Just FYI yellow armband with black SP is shore party. Any personnel assigned to a shore party could/would wear the armbands. Sometimes these were joint army/navy units. Also Beach Battalions and shore parties were different units with different responsibilities. Beach Battalions being the larger and purely navy organization
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