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  1. I have confirmed that the rounds in the drum magazine are 7.7 mm. So it is most likely off of the Lewis gun. My son just found a round that we believe are from the five guns pictured and I will try to post a photo of it sometime this weekend, but I believe that it is larger than a 20mm. The guns did have flared ends on the muzzle and yes, I think that it is off a smaller boat.
  2. Thanks! I see a lot of stuff out here, but I have to remember to take pics. I am trying to discipline myself to take pics of these relics exactly as I find them, prior to picking them up. I found a grenade the other day that was so corroded it split in half. It almost looked like a cutaway. I regret that I broke away the rest of it from the fuse prior to taking any pics.
  3. thanks for the quick replies! It looks like it took a hard hit from something. The tang is bent and the point is broken off.
  4. I have attached some pics of 5 guns that I found on the coast of Saipan. There are another two guns attached to what appears to an armored turret. They are mounted one above the other. I believe that prior to the battle there were two others on the other side of the turret. This turret was underwater so I couldnt get a pic. There are also heavy 5/8" to 1" plate steel laying across the bottom of the lagoon and some sort of an "impeller" that I did get a photo of. Anyone have any idea who it belonged to and what it was mounted on?
  5. Can anyone identify this knife? It was found in the Kalabera Pass where there was some serious fighting going on. I am pretty sure that it is a standard U.S. issue military knife, but I would like to have the specs.
  6. Sorry guys, I havent been able to get pics to load. Will try again on Friday.
  7. I have attached some photos of what i have been told is a crash site of a B-29 in the jungle of Saipan. We have found two engines and some landing gear. Lots of aluminum, but very deteriorated. My partner and I are wondering if the set of wheels with rubber that are in this photograph are part of the plane, or were they cargo?
  8. Cave with relics. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this solid concrete pedestal may have been used for? There are some holes in the top, perhaps for mounting something.
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