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  1. Does anyone have or know of a link to some pics/information regarding the k-rations made by the Cracker Jack Corp? I came across a pic while reading up on k-rats and it only had the front view (it was a pic from the 29th ID museum IIRC). Did they produce k-rats through the war?
  2. One thing that I find odd is would a sojer toss out his boots for a shoepac? At least with overshoes you still had boots. With shoepacs you have a 'winter boot' but that also entailed trying to find regular boots when needed.
  3. I think my stance on awards and ranks are that if it is correct for your impression, then wear it. Reenacting is NOT the Military. If I portray a dogface on the line then I should have a CIB, possibly some theater stripes and campaign ribbons for North Africa or Italy depending on what the units history is. Ditto for chevrons. If I was a driver, then I should have Tech 5 stripes or corporal stripes, wear the drivers award and whatever else a typical line driver would have. Valor medals should only be worn if you were ACTAULLY awarded it. And you should be prepared to back it up for in
  4. Get into a battle? Can never be won? When good people cannot have an open discourse then things are really, really in trouble. There are several points of view on the wearing of medals. None are more right than others.. this is not a legislative body nor can we pass any rule allowing/banning anything. Our specific units may agree to a policy, and HOPEFULLY that reading others thoughts and contributing your own will allow you to form an intelligent, informed decision. How can 'we' come to and understanding of any topic when 'we' shy away from a discussion becuase there are di
  5. We are having a general discussion on a general topic. The phrase 'some idiot' should be clear in the context it was used. Again, I never said YOU, nor did I ever say that YOUR question was anything other than a valid one. If 'colorful metaphors' are upsetting, then reenacting a soldiers life may have some surprises in store. I thought I made it clear that the problem of some guy going ballistic because you or I are wearing an award was an inappropriate response.
  6. Why question MY service as if it makes a difference? I already posted that I am a Navy Veteran (disabled) of the first gulf war and as the son of a career Army father I was on the 'Front Line' (so to speak) of the cold war (6 years in Germany). I was born in an Army hospital, for the first 26 years of my life I was either in, or surrounded by the Army or Navy. My back yard in Germany was a battalion motorpool of M-60 tanks and M113 APCs. Reforger was the highlite of the year because AFRTS would show tanks busting up the German countryside. Ever see a battalion of M60's on the road? Thats
  7. Partisans were a HUGE issue for the Wehrmacht. Russia especially becuase quite literally they were nothing more than locals that were told to hate the Germans. Side note: I completely agree that if the German Army were to fight Bolshevism rather than 'the russians' they would have fared much, much better. That said, the French, Belgian, Polish.. oh heck, any occupied axis territory, had a pretty large problem with partisans. From simple ambushes to more elaborate infrastructure damage. To see it done CORRECTLY, as noted, is the problem. I think that if an event were set up correc
  8. The problem with 'you should be able to do it in real life' is that say you are 50, and you do a vet impression. Someone is gonna call you out that there were no horses in WWII, or dogs, or pigeons, mules, etc. The average age of the US soldier was almost 30... Germans DID use old men.. its all they had left. And some people/units say that there were no fat people in the service. BULLOCKS! I've posted plenty of pics of larger sojers/soldats, in combat gear only to be told they were 'in the rear' or 'propaganda photos' that were 'staged'. I just read up on Army Rations and e
  9. Valor awards are for an ACT. Only certain awards have specific time frames for their awarding (CIB is one). If you earned a Purple Heart, then you wear it. If I ever did a USN impression you bet I would wear the WWII version of my Dolphins, sea service good conduct and foreign service ribbons. I earned them and they would be correct for that impression. If a person that earned the award feels otherwise, then I 100% respect their decision... but I bet many more WWII vets would want to speak with you because you would have had a shared experience with them (wounded in battle or a
  10. And it is completely up to US to police the hobby. If the Hanger Dance allows it, tell them your unit (and hopefully many others) will not be back due to the LACK of respect they allow. If your own unit allows it then you are also part of the problem. Your unit says its uber accurate but fails the smell test with respect to the major aspect of the hobby: showing respect. I am not the kind of person who will march up to another reenactor and dress them down because they are farby. I WILL bring it up in conversation if given the chance, and I will definitely tell the organizer th
  11. If your unit has people who will not follow orders in the field, why are they there? I mean one bad apple can (and generally will) ruin it for everyone. This kind of ties back into the original topic. Say one of YOUR GUYS (not some lone wolf that no one knows) shows up at an event with Valor awards not earned (or fails to follow orders like 'go get a crate or k rats') what do you do? Do you, as a leader man up and straighten it out or cave to your buddy/fellow unit member that wants to have a tea party instead of reenact? I bet most will opt for the latter. My view is that I'd r
  12. The guy that the CO tells to. Either play or take your marbles and go home. Front line infantry troop know what no food and little ammo feels like. You did pack some D-Bars or K-rations.. didn't you?
  13. Seems that the USGI has the choice of shoepac's or overshoes. I understand that overshoe's are the early answer... but I have found only 1 vendor that has them and they are maybe 75% accurate. Anyone have any idea what was more prevalent (of the books I have read it seems split 50/50 if they were available at all).
  14. If I knew that the hobby would have a derogatory word that is the 5/6ths of my last name I would have picked medieval or something
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