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  1. ludwigh1980, Thank you very much for your reply. I read that article twice and both times missed it was the Spanish Civil War, not the ACW.
  2. This from a recent news article. Does anyone know what medal this is? Was it a local NY medal? There was a J Raven who served with the 71st NY State Militia. Catskill police seek public’s help finding stolen war medal CATSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Catskill Police Department is looking for help after a war medal was reported stolen. The medal was awarded to the victim’s father after he was severely wounded in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War while serving as a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. The medal is gold in color and depicts Abraham Lincoln with his hands on the shoulder of a soldier. The back of the medal is engraved with the name J. Robert Raven. The medal is a family heirloom, and the Catskill Police Department is looking to recover it for the victim. The department said in a Facebook post that no questions will be asked if the medal is turned in to the department. Any information on the medal’s location will be kept confidential. Anyone with information is urged to contact Det. Deitz at (518) 943-2244. https://www.news10.com/news/local-news/catskill-police-seek-publics-help-finding-stolen-war-medal/
  3. That’s because Sarge is as confused as to why they’re doing that as we are!
  4. I really like this group, especially having items named to both the father and the son.
  5. Joe Kernan passed away today. Rest In Peace Governor Joe.
  6. I have three different Air Training Command insignia The top and middle are smaller than the third. They are almost ascot size, but seem to be a little big for that. Are any of them foreign made? What would the two smaller insignia be used for? Thanks in advance!
  7. Maybe I missed it, but what his middle initial? It looks like on “L” on the footlocker.
  8. Very nice! In a 1919 from Oak Park, Illinois article, it states that he was assigned to the Lafayette Escadrille and was an ace. It would be interesting to know the truth.
  9. You might reach out to forum member RayG. He's very knowledgeable on early Army uniforms. Please post your findings as we have very few posts on early footwear.
  10. I am looking for the medals (or other items) awarded to General Henry Ware Lawton.
  11. With the mix of jump qualified and non-qualified troops, maybe it was taken at Camp Mackall?
  12. Rick, Is the photographer or the studio identified?
  13. Welcome! Great photo of your dad and Major Dan Kirby!
  14. I have a large Spanish American War era cabinet photo, approximately 14"x 12" which became brittle and a large section broke off tearing through the photo. I taped the back with archival tape, but it is not enough to stabilize it. What does the group think about gluing it to an archival quality mounting board? There are no marks on the back, so no information would be lost.
  15. Very interesting to see an award document for a National Guardsman. This may be his headstone. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/973044/thomas-w-mccullough Unfortunately, it is a somewhat common name, so it may be hard to track down, unless request his records through NPRC.
  16. Since you’re talking shelter halves, I once bought two WWI shelter halves off a guy who was using them as a tarp for his trailer. Total cost was $1.00.
  17. Congratulations! A very nice find!
  18. Very nice images! Do you have an image of the 20th Kansas band? I am looking for an image of Principle Musician Edgar Tucker. He was originally from Indiana but was in Kansas at the time of the war and joined the 20th. Here is an image of his discharge signed by Funston. Please excuse the quality of the scan, I did this several years ago and need t rescan with a better scanner.
  19. Sweet! I just started messing around with my detector again. I’ll have to look into a pin pointer also.
  20. BEAST

    Walther P-38

    This is a great thread! Did you get to meet your Uncle? He seems like he has quite a sense of humor.
  21. Here is a example from a Michigan regiment that was posted on FB.
  22. Welcome! There are several knowledgeable Vietnam & GWOT camo collectors on the forum, feel free to pick their collective brains.
  23. Sorry, when I looked again I saw my enlisted insignia didn’t have “Indiana” on them. Only the officer’s collar insignia is marked with the state abbreviation.
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