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    Uniforms, medals, etc. from the men and women of the great state of Indiana. Especially interested in Spanish-American War, but willing to look at all eras!

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  1. Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving! I recently obtained a roll photo of the 26th Balloon Company and believe Lt. Keenan is the officer shown in the roll photo. I would appreciate your opinion that the photo that I have posted is indeed Lt. Keenan. Also, I’ve tried to get a clear shot of the wings that he is wearing.
  2. They found me! I just received my notice to assimilate into managed payments. Hopefully this will go more smoothly than I imagine it will.
  3. AB45, Another interesting video. Are you also posting on the USMF sister site?
  4. A little teaser showing a new addition. Model 1872 Light Artillery Sword worn by Captain John C. Scantling, 2nd U.S. Artillery. Scantling served as an enlisted man during the Civil War and received his Federal Commission after the war. I am still researching his service and will post more details soon.
  5. Hopefully, he will be identified and it can give his family some peace.
  6. Private Whetston’s does list his middle initial.
  7. Looking at Starling Whittemore’s headstone, it doesn’t list a middle initial either.
  8. I really enjoyed my visit to this museum. I was saddened to learn that it has closed permanently along with several other historical sites in Tucson.
  9. Nice tailored IKE! I found his obit in the Asbury Park Press. Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 19 Publication:Asbury Park Press iLocation:Asbury Park, New JerseyIssue Date:Saturday, November 17, 1979Page:Page 19 "William H. Geier, 70, of 55 Brook St., died Thursday at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Edison Township. He was born in Scran ton, Pa., and lived in Irvington before moving here. Mr. Geier retired in 1968 after 43 years with the Prudential Life Insurance Co., Newark. Mr. Geier, an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II, won the Distin
  10. This has been a great thread to follow! Thanks to all who a have contributed.
  11. Great group, I'm looking forward to seeing how the coat looks after it is cleaned and restored.
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