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  1. When was that book published? I can't find a reference for it on-line. Senator57
  2. Nice addition for your collection! -Senator57
  3. Very cool medal. Never seen it before. I really like PA badges/medals. Senator57
  4. Great jacket! I love transitional AF uniforms! Senator57
  5. Greetings- I just picked up this metal, regulation-sized USAF Staff Sergeant insignia. However, in the center of the star is a red jewel. It's hard to tell from the picture of the reverse but there's a slight indentation to show that this was deliberately designed this way. Has any one else seen AF insignia like this or know when these insignia were used? Could it be a transitional piece? Thanks. -Senator57
  6. Here is an army medal group I just picked up:
  7. Nice, I've also seen a variation with a khaki, twill background with letters in dark blue. -Senator57
  8. Great wing! I really like transitional USAF stuff! -Senator57
  9. Greetings- I know I'm treading into dangerous territory with not only Meyer wings, but wings for a Senior Service Pilot. Please let me know your thoughts if you think these wings are good or a repro. They're full size wings, with a raised Meyer shield hallmark and a pin that opens 45 degrees. Thanks for your help. V/R -Senator57
  10. That's a good price for the boxed set. As far as I know, these medals haven't been reproduced. FYI, there are actually two versions. The one you've shown in your pictures is the more common version for service in the PA National Guard. There is also a harder to find version that is attributed to Federal Service. The medals are identical with the exception of the keystone on the medal's obverse. For the Federal version, it will have a 5-pointed star on the keystone instead of the letters. -Senator57
  11. That's a cool patch. I've never seen this version before. Unfortunately, I don't have an i.d. for you. -Senator57
  12. Wow, learn something new everyday! Thanks for the info!
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