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  1. Lt Fernando Correa Rocha He was born in São Paulo City on July 21, 1921. Completed full flight training in the USA. He fought in World War II with 74 combat missions in Italy, the first on November 6, 1944 and the last on May 1, 1945. Decorations: Aeronautics Merit Order, Aviation Cross - Ribbon Type A with 3 stars, Italy Campaign Medal, South Atlantic Campaign Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross (USA), Air Medal with 3 OLC (USA), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA). Shortly after his return to Brazil after the War, he applied for a discharge and joined Br
  2. Captain Lucídio Chaves Group: Name of War: Lucidio Patent / Registration: 2nd Lieutenant / BO-1152 Born: 16/12/1903, Curitiba (PR) - Brazil Function: Commander in the Communications Section of 1st Brazilian Fighter Group Decorations: Aeronautical Merit Order, Italian Campaign Medal, Silver Military Medal for 20 years of good service, Bronze Star Medal (USA), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA). When returning to Brazil, although graduated in Medicine (in 1938), he assumed the chief of communications of the Santa Cruz Air Base in Rio de Janeiro C
  3. Lt Raymundo da Costa Canário War Name: Canário Function: Combat Pilot Born: 05/02/1926, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brazil Decorations: Brazilian Aeronautical Merit Order, Aviation Cross - Ribbon Type A (ETO) with two stars, Italy Campaign Medal, Air Medal with two OLC (USA), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA). On 01/04/45, arrived in Pisa, coming directly from the United States Pilot School. Pilot of combat of the yellow squadron, having completed 51 war missions. His first mission was on 01/20/45 and his last on 05/01/45. During his 14th mission on 02/15/45,
  4. Lt Danilo Moura War Name: Danilo Function: Combat Pilot Born: 06/30/1916, Cachoeira do Sul (RS) - Brazil Decorations: Brazilian Order of Aeronautic Merit, Blood Cross, Aviation Cross - Ribbon Type A (ETO), Italy Campaign Medal, Air Medal (USA), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA). Danilo (scheduled) going to the USA in 1942 with other Brazilians - They had won a scholarship to be a pilot. Danilo (right) at Plains Airways Inc. in Cheyenne - Wyoming, USA: BAAF - Bruning Army Air Field - It was a flight training facility of the United States Army Air Force use
  5. WW2 Brazilian rank stars (Army Captain):
  6. US made sweatband with coarse weave and Nape Strap. Chinstrap with black hardware.
  7. Hi, Please, does anyone know this liner manufacturer? Ricardo.
  8. Lt John Richardson Cordeiro e Silva He was born on September 29, 1922, in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. Declared official aviator in 1943. He completed his training in Panama, in Suffolk, USA, in preparation for the war in Europe. He was combat pilot of the blue squadron in Italy. He was shot down on November 6, 1944, when he attacked an artillery position on the outskirts of Bologna, integrated a squadron of four planes of the 345th North American Fighter Squadron. The Brazil lost its first pilot in war operations... Decorations: Cross of Bravery - Medal
  9. Hi, Another great grouping of Victory Museum - Brig Nero Moura: Lt General Theobaldo Antonio KOPP - Born May 28, 1918 in Curitiba, Brazil. Enlisted a Aviation Cadet in 1937, graduated in 1939 Flight instructor until 1942. In 1943 was stationed at Belem Air Base flying Catalinas on anti-submarine patrol missions. In 1944 as First Lieutenant, volunteered to join the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operation. After a fighter training course in Orlando and Gainsville, Florida, he joined his outfit - 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron - in Aguadulce, Pana
  10. Major Brigadeiro Ismar Ferreira da Costa: Born: 08/08/1920, Alegrete (RS) - Brazil Pilot veteran of the 1st Brazilian Fighter Group in Italy in World War II. Fighter Pilot diploma: Pilot of combat of the yellow squadron, having completed 34 missions of war. His first mission was on 06 NOV 44 and his last one on 06 FEV 45. On 09 FEB 45, he was removed from the flight due to health reasons (pneumonia). He returned to Brazil on 05 APR 45. Decorations: Aviation Merit Order, Aviation Cross Medal with ribbon Type A (ETO), Italian Campaign Medal, South Atlantic Campaig
  11. 2nd Lt Fernando Pereyron Mocellin Group. Was born on 06/20/1922, Santa Maria (RS) - Brazil. He trained in the Eagle Pass in the USA in 1943. He was one of the first Brazilians to fly with the P-47 in the USA in January 1944. Pilot of combat of the Red Squadron, having completed 59 combat missions. His first mission was on 09/12/44 and his last on 05/01/45. During his 24th mission, on 02/02/45, he was WIA by enemy AAA splintering. Decorations: Aviation Merit Order, Blood Cross Medal, Aviation Cross Medal - Ribbon A with 02 Stars, Italian Campaign Medal, D
  12. Marshal of the Air Eduardo Gomes Uniform (1941-42 used): He was born in Petrópolis (RJ), Brazil, in 1896. Joined the Realengo Military School in Rio de Janeiro in 1916. In 1941, after the creation of the Ministry of Aeronautics, he was promoted to General Brigadier. He was Major General then appointed to command the 1st and 2nd Air Zones, based in Belém and Recife. He moved to the capital of Pernambuco, where he began building air bases with the support of North American resources. In this context, it fulfilled an important role of connection between the governments of
  13. Hi, Now the Brigadier General Nero Moura group. He was the commander of this Brazilian unit in the MTO. He was born in Cachoeira do Sul-RS, Brazil, on January 30, 1910. In 1927, he was admitted as Cadet at the Military School of Realengo, in Rio de Janeiro. The following year he was transferred to the School of Military Aviation in Campo dos Afonsos, where he completed the studies of Officer Aviador of the Army. Promoted to Second Lieutenant in January of 1931, his first missions were in the Military Air Mail. During the Brazilian Revolution in 1932 he participated o
  14. Hi Berzotti, At the time of Lt Meira marriage, there was no Brazilian Air Force regulation for the medals, but they placed them in order of receipt and / or personal importance. Regards, Ricardo.
  15. Hi Kurt, All DFC and AM are not named, but the Lt Col Nero Moura Bronze Star* have: *This medal is not with us - Today it is at the Aerospace Museum in Rio de Janeiro. The Legion of Merit of the commander Nero Moura of this unit has its initials (I do not have an image now). . Regards, Ricardo.
  16. Lt General Rui Barbosa Moreira Lima Born: 12/06/1919, Colinas (MA) - Brazil Pilot of the green squadron with 94 combat missions. Medals: Death: 08/13/2013, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brazil RIP
  17. Major General José Rebelo Meira de Vasconcelos 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron - 1st BFS 93 combat missions in MTO Born: 27/09/1922, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brazil Decorations: Aeronautical Merit Order, Air Force Cross - A Ribbon and 3 stars, Italy Campaign, South Atlantic Campaign, Gold Medal for 30 years of good service, Distinguished Flying Cross (USA), Air Medal with 4 OLC (USA), Croix de Guerre with 1 palm (France), and Presidential Unit Citation (USA). In 1947, then Captain Meira, leading a group of FAB Airmen Officers, became, in the State of Arizona, USA, the First
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