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  1. Thank you every body!! Special thanks Patches CNY (Justin) AZNation
  2. Ill be happy to get that picture for you and lawsuit is still any information, so thank you.
  3. Patches, Thank you for all your work helping me identify this colonel, It seems justin beat you too it! Col Edwards from what I gather was placed in an armored division right after the war and stayed there until his retirement. The bar underneath the reserve corps pin says "15 Years" (sorry for the bad photo quality) Thanks, Jake
  4. Two other possibilities could be Lemuel E. Edwards Or Sheldon B. Edwards
  5. This is great aznation! The only issue is that the colonel Edwards you have so kindly researched served in the Pacific theater and the Edwards Im looking for served in the European theater. It could be that he served in both, but I dont really know.
  6. Hey all, This was my final purchase of this SOS, I believe it a colonel Edmund B Edwards. He served in 5 battles in WWI, 4 in WW2 and was transferred to an armored unit in Korea. Im not 100% sure that the name I found is the officer Edwards on the jacket. Any help identifying the Edwards belonging to this uniform would be great. On the back of the Nametag, it says hes from Aurora IL. Also the reserve corps medal-15 years nobody says theyve seen before, so finding out that it would also be great. Thanks Jake Bird
  7. Also forgot to mention that all of the corresponding pants were included as well.
  8. The missing item on the bronze star is supposed to be a V for valor, and the large star on the asiatic pacific campaign ribbon is supposed to be gold to signify 10 campaigns.
  9. Hey all, I picked up this really amazing group of uniforms to a Vice admiral in WW2, he also served in WWI as an areo squad pilot. I have had a troubled time researching him and was wondering if the forum could Help. All I was able to find on him was his find a grave obituary and a lot on his son who won the navy cross in wwii as well. Please help out in anyway that you can, its hard to image that a sailor who sailed in 11 pacific battles would have so little information about him online. If I have to pay some company to get some research on him, I would love too! These uniforms are HEAVLY moth eaten and as a the story goes, were found in a wooden box in the loft of a barn that was his wifes brothers or something like that. The person who originally bout the group, searched the entire estate and wasnt able to find much else. Any info and research help would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone had a spectacular SOS this year. I know I did!! Thanks, Jake Bird
  10. This was my second pickup from this years SOS, also gonna need help with this one as well, I have the veterans name which is James D. Teseniar. Any help would be appreciated, this group also came with some bring back patches as well. Thanks Jake
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