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  1. Hey all, Just picked up this Lt. Col. jacket from a fellow collector. It is named to a C. Class (I think). It looks like he was a WWI and WWII veteran, but i'm at a loss when researching him, I can't seem to find him online. There is a chance that the uniform could be put together because the ribbon rack is a clutch back and looks modern. Any help on the ID would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jake Bird
  2. If anyone on the page is interested in it, its going up for sale at an estate sale in buffalo grove IL tommorow
  3. This Jacket is going up for sale and I don't know if its real or not. What is everybodys opinion?
  4. I have used a blacklight, but nothing has come up. I will try again though.
  5. If you have made it this far..... All the items below are what was split up from the group and what I am trying to obtain The two items I couldn't find pictures of are... His named full size medals Award plaques Named flightsuit white pilot helmet Really motivated to reunite group
  6. My largest pickup of recent times is the nearly complete USAF grouping of multi-war veteran Colonel Raymond E. Buckwalter. I obtained all of these items from another collector. He was able to pick all of this up about eight years ago on ebay, spare a few items. (which i'm on the lookout for btw). He was well known for his part in the Berlin airlift and all of the humanitarian missions he had flown after that. He was also commander of the 28th Bomb squadron when the famous b-29 "Command Decision" was operating. All of the units he commanded as well as dates are listed below. 8/49-10/4
  7. Another one of my recent pickups. Purchased this on E-bay where the seller said he got it directly from the estate. Named to a William A. Wineland Any info that could help would be outstanding. Thanks Jake
  8. Hey everybody!!! Last time I posted was in Feb. Just picked up a really nice WWI 5th Infantry division uniform Group from @Mr.Jerry at his store in Milwaukee. Need some help to ID this one. It has initials W. A. B. and the name BIll written in the pants. I've kind of hit a brick wall because World War one is not my expertise. Also I have never seen a blue rectangle underneath the rank chevrons before. Anybody know what that is? Any Info would be great. Thanks, Jake
  9. Thank you every body!! Special thanks Patches CNY (Justin) AZNation
  10. Ill be happy to get that picture for you and lawsuit is still any information, so thank you.
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