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    USMC 1965 - 1975
  1. Dean, Glad you got it, cant wait to see more pictures when you have it in hand. Rich
  2. AG Thanks for posting this. Exhibition on till 6 May; will have to try and get over and visit. Rich
  3. Dean, As has already been said stunning set, and good luck with tracing the name. Rich
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Richie
  5. Dean, Thank's for the opportunity to be the next caretaker for this grouping. Reading the diary was very humbling, the grouping will form part of my collection for many years to come. Thanks again Rich
  6. Stunning example, can't be many untouched winter sets like this still around. Rich
  7. Cracking lid Dean, love the hand drawn EGA, and being named the icing on the cake. Rich
  8. Hello all, New to the forum as a member, although have been viewing as a guest for a while, and have been amazed by the wealth of knowledge and expertise on the forum, so looking forward to both gaining further knowledge and contributing where I can as part of the membership. My interest is USMC during the Vietnam War period, with particular interest in M1 helmets worn in-theatre during that time. Thanks Richie
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