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  1. Were you able to buy the A2 and the other stuff at the estate sale? Ken
  2. I think you are right as to blade being rejected in '42 and then restamped in '43. This one one had two very clear dates. Ken
  3. I will keep you posted. Id love to get it off him but he tends to keep alot of stuff. If I can't I'll try to take some pics (in front of a mirror) to show both sides or a video. Ken
  4. I recently received a call from a dealer/collector/picker friend I know that wants some work done on his house. Before I had a chance to look at the work he needed done he was showing me some recent finds. We quickly moved onto drawers full of bayonets, Imperial &WWII German, Japanese and one full of WWI & WWII US M1905 16" bayonets. I made a pile of bayonets I was interested in and asked him what he wanted for them. He then made a case of why he wanted to keep all but three. One of the ones he wanted to hold onto was a WWII 16" bayonet maker marked UFH or AFH(I can't remembe
  5. Outstanding group. I too love seeing period pictures of the soilder wearing the badge. Thanks for sharing. Ken
  6. BCD blade marked knife up on ebay ttps://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-WWII-BCD-Theater-Fighting-Knife-Marine-Paratrooper-M6-Barwood-Type-Sheath/223960218040?hash=item342511b9b8:g:AnYAAOSw0NZegBnq Ken
  7. A picture of the oak Riker mount hanger frame.
  8. Reverse of a different color to show hardware.
  9. another picture of the frame, showing size and rabbit.
  10. I might have the answer for those looking for a good quality, aluminum frame for posters or smaller sizes at a cheap price. This price is for silver color aluminum framing miter cut to accept 30" x 40" posters. Rabbit on stock is 7/16" for thickness of artwork/poster, glass and backer(glass,matting and backer not included). Price is $28.00 including shipping to lower 48, all hardware to assemble including spring clips to hold artwork in place and your choice of sawtooth hanger or wire hanger clips(no wire included). I do have other colors available but have not inventoried them yet. I als
  11. Nice helmet. You see alot of the WWII engineers helmets that have their names on them. Ken
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