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  1. Outstanding group. I too love seeing period pictures of the soilder wearing the badge. Thanks for sharing. Ken
  2. BCD blade marked knife up on ebay ttps://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-WWII-BCD-Theater-Fighting-Knife-Marine-Paratrooper-M6-Barwood-Type-Sheath/223960218040?hash=item342511b9b8:g:AnYAAOSw0NZegBnq Ken
  3. A picture of the oak Riker mount hanger frame.
  4. Reverse of a different color to show hardware.
  5. another picture of the frame, showing size and rabbit.
  6. I might have the answer for those looking for a good quality, aluminum frame for posters or smaller sizes at a cheap price. This price is for silver color aluminum framing miter cut to accept 30" x 40" posters. Rabbit on stock is 7/16" for thickness of artwork/poster, glass and backer(glass,matting and backer not included). Price is $28.00 including shipping to lower 48, all hardware to assemble including spring clips to hold artwork in place and your choice of sawtooth hanger or wire hanger clips(no wire included). I do have other colors available but have not inventoried them yet. I also made an inexpensive solid oak frame to attach to Riker mounts to dress them up and allow them to be hung on a wall. Here are some pictures showing a map I have shrink wrapped to poster board and just set into the frame(no glass) just to show the silver frame. I've been looking to see if there is a category to sell them to the members? If anyone could tell me if there is a category to sell them, please let me know. Any questions feel free to IM me. Regards, Ken
  7. Nice helmet. You see alot of the WWII engineers helmets that have their names on them. Ken
  8. Richard, How lucky you are to have your father's K-bar that he carried on Iwo.That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Ken
  9. Helmet purchased off the owner by me. Owner was a Marine in the 4Th Marine Division and wore this helmet when he landed at Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima. He is still alive today. At first glance it looks like the brown/beach side camo is out on the helmet but it is actually a very faded green/jungle side. Camo cover is named but to a different Marine.
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