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  1. Preparing to add braces for road and footpath surface (boards), and for railings. Using 1 mm plastic sheet. Well, that's it folks for this year. Thanks for following and adding comments and support. Will return in New Year.
  2. KurtA, I tell you what, I'll build the tribute, and you build the bridge to blow up. Be sure to make a video of it so I can watch it too.
  3. River? yes. Blow-up, no. Thanks for well wishes. You have a good Christmas to.
  4. Thanks, bummer. Then you would understand the tribute more than most.
  5. Nice looking model. Who built it? Funny how the T-28 was painted with a black strip from exhaust, to disguise exhaust and oil markings over its white fuselage. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  6. Cut thinner strips of 1 mm plastic for railway tracks. Filed down a block of wood for a spacer-guide while gluing the tracks. Used red and brown enamel paint mix for painting the track. Then added silver colour to the mix and wiped that across the top of the rails.
  7. Thank you zsmith for kind words. Will soon stop on this project for a break. Will return in New Year. But until 'Intermission' I still have a few things to post.
  8. Cutting strips of 1 mm plastic sheet for railway sleepers. After gluing into place, they were painted to look like freshly cut timber.
  9. Thanks Mikie. I did not know about The Flying Wallendas until today. I re-checked Minder's credentials, and his last name is Ownbusiness. Somehow I think he's a con-artist.
  10. Thank you Proud Kraut, Manny, Ronnie, Billrob68, patches, and sundance for your great support, and humour, towards this build. Much appreciated. To continue: As I marked, with a pencil, the centre of a cross beam, for a reference to align the shorter arms, I noticed that I could use the pencil to mark bolt heads. Later, I will mark all the joints this way. Have completed the bridge framework. Minder used to be a tight-rope walker. Here he is, showing-off on centre stage. Added central girders, with braces (matchsticks), to support the railway sleepers (to be added).
  11. Added more support beams and braces.
  12. Bravo. Hope to see them here too.
  13. Looks good. Hope you continue making models. Like anything else, when using our own skills, we get better at it after each model.
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