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  1. Hello everyone, Here is a nice little find. I was hoping maybe someone with more knowledge than myself could help pin point a history or direction on the serial number. Colt doesn’t have this in their records and Kopec isn’t doing authentications right now I believe. All matching gun. That looks to be a Indian capture according some on a colt forum due to the botched “US “ marking. Original barrel length. Ejector assembly is a replacement . Any help would be appreciated .
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I will answer some of the questions that came up. The bore is not counter bored and is original to the gun, there is patina on the barrel but I wouldnt say it is rusted. There is no hint at adding to a 5.5 barrel. It looks to be an original 7.5 barrel. The markings finish and wear are identical the frame. The underside of the barrel is marked with a p The ejector rod housing, rod and cylinder pin are replacements and not correct to the gun. I am searching for originals currently. The top strap is fluted, the grips are walnut and numbered to the gun from the inside , the cylinder is numbered to the gun and marked with L I was told it was an actual cavalry weapon, and hasnt been altered. I need to send it to John moped and see what he comes up with from my research the first 24,000 are military contract especially with the 7.5 barrel. The sight is steel and is midline to the barrel. Ill try and upload more photos soon thanks !
  3. Hello everyone, Can anyone help me identify this revolver? Everything matches including the grips except the shell extractor, pin, and a couple screws. Any help would be appreciated. I purchased this for $500.
  4. Hi all - collecting WWII US helmets . Had family in the ETO and PTO . Merry Christmas
  5. I've tried to find it locally via ads in Hobbs nm. I say pawned but I can't be for sure, the family was moving some antiques out of a barn after he passed and was using hired help. A lot of things went missing , including his helmet. The helmet exists 100% . It has damage to the upper right of the front center wear a round was caught. He was saved by a pack of cigarettes he had strapped to the helmet, he told the family this all the time. He initialed all of his gear N.G. - I believe the liner has his MSCN # and initials or last night if I remember right. There was no cover . I have a photo of him posing with the helmet in black and white somewhere in the pacific and thats really it as far as I know but I will ask . I am an avid m1 helmet collector I'd be willing to pay what its worth to get it back . I am going to check a local museum in the area I just learned about recently that supposedly has an exhibit where he is mentioned. If it turns up there I am probably out of luck- but the family is pretty sure the helmet was taken by the movers years ago. I know its a rare chance to see it again but figured I'd try.
  6. Looking for more information on my great uncle Nolen M. Garret. MCSN 334563 Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Iwo Jima. Section Leader MG platoon Company D 2nd Btn. 27th Marines 5th MD He brought back his service gear here to New Mexico, for lack of interest I was inheriting these items. His uniform/combat gear and helmet disappeared and were pawned off before I was able to get them-I only have his canteen and belt left. If anyone runs across this Marines helmet please let me know I would like it back in the family and will purchase it. Thank You
  7. Anyone have any idea what this is or seen anything similiar? US? or Foreign? Thanks in advance
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