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  1. "Unobtanium".... HAHAHAH! Never heard that one. Reminds me of terms like "incarceritis"... Or the sudden onset of chest pain (or other symptom) that you develop about the time the handcuffs are being put on. Nice find, BTW!
  2. I love Texas! You get to have the best toys! Signed, A sad Californian
  3. Agreed... It would be the experience of a lifetime. The operative word was "shouldn't", leaving the possibility open. I really want to see the world from the nose of a B-17 sometime. Alas, for me and those who I am responsible for, there is a line between assumed risk (eg: I need to drive to get to work) versus unnecessary risk (like the fact I stopped various "adrenaline sports" when I got married and had a family). For me, unfortunately, a B-17 flight falls into the latter category... For now. I suppose when my work is done and everyone is taken care of, I'll hitch a ride
  4. As many times as I have thought about going on a flight in a B-17 whenever I', around Phoenix, things like this are a sobering reminder of why I shouldn't. I'm glad the crew is going to be okay. I'm also glad the plane wasn't a total loss but I can't imagine what it would cost to make it airworthy again, let alone cosmetically repaired for static display.
  5. German "Glasmine 43". WW2 German antipersonnel mine.... Captain Miller was right, these and others like the wooden Schützenmine 42 (Schu-mine), were a real pain to clear out of a field.
  6. There is a lot of discussion in this regard on the internet and you should read it and decide for yourself if it is worth the risk... Check local laws,where applicable.
  7. Awesome group! My Granduncle was a S/Sgt in the 32nd (L Co) as well... Never talked about the war, other than to say how cold it was in the Aleutians.
  8. Very nice! Those are pretty cool... There are a few of these to see if you search the forums for "kite", such as:
  9. Very true. My mother-in-law ran an aircraft logistics shop in Thailand and was awarded a Bronze Star for her effort. An aside... Is the visor cap his as well? It lacks "farts and darts".
  10. In addition to the 71st Coast Artillery Regiment, the following also provided AA support in Washington at some point during the war (mostly early on): 89th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment 212th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment 558th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment Wear of M1 helmets would suggest mid-to-later war. Tom
  11. That's pretty neat... Video is really informative as well!
  12. Did you look inside toward the ends of the sleeves or inside the cuffs?
  13. The whole subject of fire control equipment is fascinating. There was a lot of research and innovation occurring in the early 1900's, communication equipment not being an exception. The equipment was constantly being evaluated and upgraded as time went on. It's a fairly complex subject to digest; recommendations for upgrades and implementation did not always follow a straight line. Funding, requirements to use/exhaust old stock, slow supply lines and unique local conditions led to a lack of black and white standardization of fielded equipment at any given time.
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