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  1. Really cool 43’ Lucky pack I recently picked up. Has a FRENCH message from FDR on the reverse side. Not in the greatest shape but cool pack nonetheless.
  2. Skip, did you see the Boker single tang on eBay? Its sitting at 2,578 with 28 bids. All private bids so Im assuming its a shady dealer. Heres the eBay listing number. 402172054372. Best I can do as Im on my phone and wont let me copy and paste the link.
  3. Since it's priced as authentic, prices sure have skyrocketed on those. I know Lux usually asks a premium for their items though.
  4. It sold for $2225. Is that the going rate for these or just the typical eBay get out of hand price?
  5. Tex, Does that Beech Nut have a tax stamp and if so are you able to see the series number? Thanks.
  6. Very nice and I like what you have on your website so far. Thanks for showing.
  7. Nice uncommon sealed pack of Blue Boar I picked up. Series stamped 114 on the back. War time tobacco is my collecting passion. My wife likes to make fun of me for it yet gave me an EBay gift card for Xmas knowing what I was going to buy.
  8. I just assumed this one was fake when I first saw it. Looks like I was correct.
  9. Received the kit today. Definitely has the bleed through at the bottom. The opening looks to measure 3-3/4 as well. The morphine box is definitely crushed but part of it feels like the crush proof tube is inside. You can feel the tube for the needle which obviously came off the styrette at some point in the last 75 years. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. Thanks for the view of the interior contents. That tourniquet box must be whats outlined in the front of my example. At least it looks like it anyways.
  11. Thanks for the information. Tough to see any bleed through on my example. I'll have to check in hand. I would assume repro if it doesn't have the bleed through.
  12. Thanks Dustin. Top notch details your provided. So the later versions, as in the long stitch variety, should be at or close to 3-3/4? That one example I provided the original member says its a Holland example. Do you happen to know when they changed to the later example? Does that later variety of yours have that rubber bleed through Persian is speaking about?
  13. Dustin, Thanks for the added information. It looks like that member hasn’t been on since 2016.
  14. Persian, thanks for the assistance. I did find another example on another USMF thread from 2011. I might have access to an X-ray machine I could use. The use of an x ray machine would verify the contents but they could still be reproduction contents correct? On my example you can see the outline of a small rectangular box, Im assuming the dressing box. Heres the example I located.
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