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  1. Trying again. I got a photo software
  2. Is this just an old hunting shirt? It's labeled sanforized which in most vintage clothing it's 1950's/1960's Just curious if anyone can help advise It wasn't used in vietnam or anything??
  3. Hey Can the vents in these boots be replaced? I have a nice almost MINT pair size 10 but missing the vents. I was going to buy a cheap pair of odd size and take them down to this shoe repair guy. He is an ex-marine. I figured if anyone might, he may be able too. These had the old brass style. Anyone have any thoughts? Or any vietnam era vents I could buy from them? Thank you
  4. Hi I have a benrus 1966 watch mil issue. It ran great but last week the winding stem isn't catching Does anyone know a reputable military watch repair company? My grandfather years ago had some nice watches and took them to be repaired and the guy swapped parts on him. So I'm nervous about using a new company. I'm looking to see if anyone knows a good repair place online or near Greenville South Carolina Thank you
  5. I found this locally at a thrift store i haven't seen one with a ranger tab, airborne tab then pilots wings possibly a helicopter pilot? I have the gentlemans last name only I appreciate any help thank you
  6. hi I figured out a way to do this without having to upload the photos to an online site. you need an email account. I have an iPhone 6 I take the photos I want. then I go to my photos page on my cell phone and select email them and I email them to my myself. again all just using my my Iphone. when you email them, the phone asks you if you want to post them small, medium or large. once you get them on your phone email I select the photos and select save them to my phone. for me, I usually select medium size and I can post 1 picture per reply. if you do them in size small you can p
  7. hey I bought this offline. I gave little for it. I think an Astan local was practicing his English language. it has embroidered FBThomas ODA 73 -15 FOBTOMAS 2010-2011 I know there was an sfoda 7315 there. but I'm not sure this is what it stands for. anyone have any thoughts? it was still sealed in that crappy plastic packaging as another one I got direct from the Vet who brought it back from the Stan lady I got it from said she got it at a Yard sale near a U.S. Military base here in the U.S. thanks for any help
  8. I found this t-shirt and it is stamped in the collar "undershirt, mans cotton poly short sleeve crew neck size small" it also has a WMS # and an RN # the thing is it's camo. I didn't know the military ever issued camo colored undershirts the stamp looks 70's but I have never seen one camo. anyone had/wore one of these? thanks for any info
  9. hi I was just hoping to see if anyone has an idea of what era this t-shirt came from it's a long t-shirt 1960's-1980's? I was thinking 60's to 70's with the blue ring collar, but I have no idea the tag is gone I just thought it was a cool shirt thanks
  10. mine is not tru spec or propper. mine is regular army. the guy I bought it from had a bunch of surplus. he had 2 shirts exactly like mine. I just bought the 1. if he still has the other when the gun show comes around next month I'll buy the other. he has been at every show. what I thought was unusual was the Velcro panels on the lower half of the front pockets
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