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  1. Hi I found this today It look like a pathfinder case but i cant find one with a zipper and leather. Can i get someones thoughts?
  2. Love the parka Been trying to find one to wear myself Nice find
  3. Thanks I got it at a local gun show week before christmas. i was trying to find a victory 38 but i found this and with the price i couldnt pass it up.
  4. Its a smith, gave less than 500 for it I was going to fill out the smith form to try to get a history on the serial number.
  5. I got a decent deal on a 1917 army .45
  6. Is this just an old hunting shirt? It's labeled sanforized which in most vintage clothing it's 1950's/1960's Just curious if anyone can help advise It wasn't used in vietnam or anything??
  7. Hey Can the vents in these boots be replaced? I have a nice almost MINT pair size 10 but missing the vents. I was going to buy a cheap pair of odd size and take them down to this shoe repair guy. He is an ex-marine. I figured if anyone might, he may be able too. These had the old brass style. Anyone have any thoughts? Or any vietnam era vents I could buy from them? Thank you
  8. Hi I have a benrus 1966 watch mil issue. It ran great but last week the winding stem isn't catching Does anyone know a reputable military watch repair company? My grandfather years ago had some nice watches and took them to be repaired and the guy swapped parts on him. So I'm nervous about using a new company. I'm looking to see if anyone knows a good repair place online or near Greenville South Carolina Thank you
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