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  1. The SS was made by BB&B and a nice find. An untitled case is an early one (for the case experts, please chime in). There is a three-part SS listing of attributed numbers (Planchet Press) which I have but can't get to right now. Maybe someone on the Forum can supply. As to when the medal was made, I think you're correct -- 30's. Again, someone on here will know the contract date. You will find medals like yours awarded in WWII as well.
  2. The SS looks like "Things Remembered" machine engraving. Your photo of the PH is a little dark so I can't tell much. Looks hand engraving.
  3. Allan, Thank you very much for your research. Since I don't have a full copy of Circular 46, I can't argue the point. And yes, it is possible that Col Gleim made a transposition error. Discussions like this one are what makes this a great group! Dave BTW, "Rinaldi" rang a bell -- so happens I have Louis Rinaldi's PH, Pvt, 308th Inf, 77th ID, not the lost Bn. His VM has the clasps O-A, M-A, DS -- born in Buenas Aires, Argentina (ex Dick Bruhn collection)
  4. Allen, I noticed that Aisne is mentioned in Michels' book, "World War I Victory Medals". My reference is from Al Gleim's Planchet Press Pub 21 (Addendum) where he references WD Circular 46 of 1924. His matrix lists Montdidier-Noyon vise Aisne for the 2nd. "The following chart is intended to provide a general guide to clasp entitlement. It is based on the service stated in the WD GOs and the guidance in Cir 46." He also states, "It applies to the major elements of the divisions. The GO listings should be checked to determine whether a specific unit had more or less clasps entitling service." Does anyone have a WD GO source that can clear up the Aisne vs. Montdidier-Noyon discrepancy? Dave
  5. Don't have it broken down to the Bn but let's list what clasps and the qualifying dates for the 2nd ID Montdidier-Noyon Jun 9 - Jun 13/18 Aisne-Marne July 15 - July 18/18 St Mihiel Sept 12 - Sep 18/18 Meuse-Argonne Sept 26 - Nov 11/18 Defensive Sector Unknown according to my reference material
  6. Great medal Robert. It really feels good when you chase one for years and finally obtain it. I'm happy it's "home".
  7. Well written. Many of us face the difficulty of compressing a lot of information into a concise story of the man and the medal. Details are very attractive and important but with a constraint of a high-level documentation requirement, winnowing it down without losing either the personality or of the combat is challenging. Again, well rendered.
  8. Congrats, Dave! Another fine addition to your collection.
  9. Yep, great group -- you did well. Having the French-made Verdun medal in the box is nothing to sneeze at!
  10. Great find, Jeff! If you do the research, please fill us in...
  11. Collecting WW1 Victories with Army and Navy clasps can be a fun and interesting part of medal collecting. History abounds! I suggest you invest in the book, "World War I Victory Medals" by James P. Michels Jr. Good photographs, excellent research. Please don't be discouraged by the reproductions. Soon, you'll be able to spot them. I went through this phase as well and consider it a down payment for a good working knowledge of this genre. BTW, there is a pinned thread on these clasps here on the Forum. I don't have time now to find it for you now but you can find it here on the medals forum. Good luck and good hunting!
  12. Ribbons are available through the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) ribbon bank. Check omsa.org.
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