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  1. Hey all, Due to having run into a wall with researching, I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone had any background information pertaining to when American manufacturing companies first started producing miniature medals. I'm not looking for when individual decorations were produced, but more the actual year/accompanying information that explains when each of the major companies of the time started doing so. Specifically, I'm looking for information regarding the following companies: Viking Kwikset, Gemsco, Wolf Brown, N S Meyer, BB&B and Lordship. If anyone has any lead or
  2. Hello, I recently obtained a miniature medal bar that was worn by a recipient who saw service at the Mexican Border, in addition to earning the Croix de Guerre, Italian War Cross and DSC during WWI (presumably for the DSC). Although the bar itself speaks an incredible story, the possibility of identifying the recipient would only augment that story. Is there any way to locate a list of American recipients of the Italian War Cross? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. This looks like Japanese style backing- i have a rack with a similar Style to this.
  4. Thank you for the suggestion! I have both of those roster books- to clarify, if i go through the list of names and see if there’s a match for both the CRE and Cuban Occupation it could be the recipient?
  5. A recent acquisition from a few months ago. This miniature bar is beautifully mounted and shows quite a breadth of service and covering almost the entire globe. I have been told this is potentially attributable to an officer who was with the 10th infantry regiment of the 7th division, but the potential ID dictates further research. Any help in the right direction is greatly appreciated.
  6. A recent acquisition from a few months ago- beautifully mounted and shows quite a breadth of service. I have been told this may be attributable but the potential ID dictates further research.
  7. I agree with you. The numbers seem a bit both off center and tilted, and the “o” is also slightly tilted and not properly aligned with the period underneath as like the examples Robert showed.
  8. Hello, yes, you are correct. The ribbons denote the medal awards. The far right Medal is the Pacific Theatre Medal. The gold leaves represent major rank, the enamel lapels also represent the aforementioned awards. He was also awarded the American Defense Medal (the yellow with the two red white and blue bars stripes on each side) and a Presidential Unit Citation ribbon with one star.
  9. I’m looking for the Purple Heart awarded to Pvt Hyman Gallob...any lead to help me reunite this with his WWI victory medal would be extremely helpful!
  10. Originals have two major tell tell features- thick planchet rings and even, rim impressed lettering on the rim. No example of the Dewey was ever engraved, and later examples have much larger and thinner suspension rings.
  11. Anthony, Im parroting everyone else when i say that Sampson is a gorgeous piece of history and equally beautifully preserved. My multi-bar Sampson is the exact same construction as yours; Im sure you know this but it looks to be a phase 1 upgraded to phase 3, as per the wire loop catch and the impressed name on the rim. Interestingly enough, your recipient was shipmates with the recipient of mine, a machinist on the New Yorker as well. Thank you for sharing! Alex
  12. No problem! I got that number from The Call of Duty. I also believe that is the Dewey in question.
  13. A minor correction to number issued- it was 1,825. I believe condition plays into the hammer price- this one went for a very fair price considering it had traces of the original ribbon and a broken pin. One that recently showed as a BIN without a box was in great shape and sold for $3250.
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