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  1. I have seen this before, but I can't remember what it means. The green bar/tap/patch on sleeve below the rank insignia? Please see picture. Can you please assist? Thank you for your quick assistance.
  2. Interesting topic and thank you Cavcon for the clarification regading the 17th patches.
  3. :w00t: 15th and 17th Cavalry :thumbsup: I would like to see some more of this great collection.
  4. When I look at the Lindeplein on Google Streetview it doesn't look promising. So I think the orignal building/shop doesn't exist anymore. Hopefully the Waltmans family who live in the Lindestraat know more. Good luck Johannes. Please keep us updated.
  5. As I'm not mistaken this staircase was located at the photoshop Waltmans on the Lindeplein in Brunssum. Don't know if this photoshop still exists. Btw nice display :thumbsup:
  6. I lost track of this topic and just see your comment now. I purchased the book some time ago now and your totally right about it. If you want to read/know more about equipment, doctrine etc Steeds of Steel by Harry Yeide is of better value. I know it, but personnaly I think it's a little bit out of date and not very profound.
  7. It's getting a little bit one-sided, but I also prefer books. Uhhhh. My name is Richard and must admitt I don't have a copy of Spearheading D-Day yet. :blushing: Please have mercy. But still have available space in my bookcase beside Jon's other publications.
  8. According to the T/O & E 7-85 (dated 29 February 1944) a Ranger Battalion was issued with in total 9x 1/4 ton trucks. All of them to the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the Battalion.
  9. The LVT was also used by the British during Operation Mallard on November 14th 1944 in the Southeast of Holland (Crossing the canals Noordervaart and Kanaal van Wessem naar Nederweert) In the Belgian village of Kotem (near Maasmechelen on the Belgium/Dutch border) there is also a LVT on Display. It was sunk during the British exercise on the Maas river prior to the Rhinecrossing.
  10. These pictures of LVT are taking somewhere in the Roermond area (The Netherlands) during the rivercrossing training on the Maas river prior to the Rhinecrossing.
  11. Indeed. My first thought was that it's a re-enactment picture. Looking at the size of the pciture I looks like a part of it has been cut off.
  12. Meanwhile I found out that this M8 (picture Post #27) propable belonged to the Reconnaissance Company of the 66th AR, but I still haven't found the TO&E of an (Heavy) Armored Regiment. Please let me know if someone has it. A scan of it would be great.
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