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  1. Interesting topic from another aspect of the conflict. Would be interested in seeing examples and the history behind the two medals from those willing to share. Kurt
  2. Something I am interested in outside of WWII USMC is the war here in southern Minnesota in 1862. I am curious if any of our members or visitors out there have original examples of the Fort Ridgely or New Ulm Defenders medals. Especially like to see and hear about their original owners and recipients, Thanks in advance. Kurt Barickman
  3. Yes I found the same information about Sather when I was searching through Ancestry when this jacket came upon Ebay recently. Kurt
  4. Been quite awhile since I collected German, but if I remember correctly, Kampfgeschwader are Luftwaffe bomber units. I could be wrong as I often am but am pretty sure. Kurt
  5. You do see them but not as often. Had to handle lines wearing them when pulling into foreign port of calls and was glad that when I made third class Gunners Mate and then was able to stand around with an M-14 to shoot a line if necessary. They get dirty very easily, IMHO, Kurt
  6. Interesting story and medal group; thanks for sharing. Kurt
  7. Wow, shocking news. Can´t add much more to what others have said. A very good man who was willing to talk about collecting and life in general. Last time I met with Bob at OMSA in Milwaukee. Sorry for his family and the collecting community and in particular Kevin because I knew you were good neighbors and friends. Kurt
  8. Have seen them both ways and I don´t have a problem with it. I have also seen stamped and inked with the same name. Kurt
  9. Also interesting that the family chose not to use the US issued gravestone. Kurt
  10. So mystery solved. Although the Wall of the Missing still has him listed as MIA, here is a photo of his grave from Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in the Detroit Michigan area. It is not just a tombstone with no grave as the records from the cemetery show that vaulted and casketed remains are buried there. It is a pretty late body repatriation from the WWII time period as it is listed in the cemetery records and his USMC file as 1951. Kurt
  11. Good luck with the sale and its a wonderful group. Kurt
  12. That is interesting for sure; someone with Chennault from the beginning. That has to be one of the first Allied attacks on Japanese occupied Vietnam. Thanks for sharing, Kurt
  13. Thanks Bob, since he served into the 1960s, his file is not totally available and as a result, I can´t get the citation for his commendation with ribbon for a few more years yet anyway.
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