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  1. Still has the motto, maker, handle not cracked. I had one in the same condition that I personally bought from a Paramarine who lived two blocks from me for $1500 about 15-20 years ago and I thought I did well. My 2 cents. Kurt
  2. Different symbols on the buttons and belt buckles denote the different states they were from; similar to US National Guard units that could be mobilized in time of war as was the case in Imperial Germany once it was united in 1871. Treu Fest are from Bavaria if my memory serves me correctly. Keep doing show and tell! The different cockades also from different spikes with the front plates being different also denoting the different German states; Saxony, Prussia, Baden-Wurtenberg, etc. Kurt
  3. Really neat pickup! Been many years since I have stumbled upon a box of WWI souvenirs and along with the US veteran's uniform items as well. Kurt
  4. Really nice example of a CGGC; a member of the Legion here in Albert Lea was also on the Taney on Dec. 7th. Thanks for sharing. Kurt
  5. Love to hear about the PT jumper grouping? Kurt
  6. The current owner is a good friend of mine and he drove to Texas and bought this extensive group from Bob several years ago. Kurt
  7. Yes that is a good book! Read it last year, Kurt
  8. Very nice! The 5th Engineer Battalion also suffered through a major banzai charge at the very end of the campaign on Iwo Jima and probably had many opportunities to acquire souvenirs. Kurt
  9. Very nice and you can just feel the sorrow from the parents. I have similar display a mother of a KIA on Tarawa Benjamin Cope but not with such an elaborate display but a simple wall hanging. Thanks for sharing Robert. Kurt
  10. Dave is probably correct. The Radford was a Spruance class destroyer which came out in the latter 1970s. I was onboard the USS Stump DD-978 which was also a Spruance class destroyer. They usually carried 8 Harpoon tubes upper decks at midships. For their time, they were very sophisticated but don't know about how they would compare today with other comparable missiles. Often older ships are used for missile shoots as per the older DD class destroyer that the tag mentions. In fact, that is what happened to my old ship off the coast of South Carolina several years ago. Kurt
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