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  1. The platoon leaving the wood : A hard day due to former stormy weather : A french Marine : Foxy
  2. Down town Lucy le Bocage, before to get on line : Meditation before action : Devil Dogs : Trough the wheat : H hour, 5 PM on june 6th :
  3. Hi, I'll try to be on the field on june 6th, though there's a long travel to get there. Foxy
  4. Hi, Got recently the same bag over here (in France), and though having sent pics to friends, quite sharp US WW2 items collectors, no solutions. You and I, Airborne-Hunter, are the happy owners of something surely scarce but still unidentified. :dunno: Foxy
  5. Hi, I think you're talking about me and show what is mine :thumbdown: I confirm having found 2 CD, supposed as french made, on this area 25 years ago. USMCAVIATOR, please get rid of your doubts, no liar on this topic, only french (and belgian) pationates. About items condition, having dug for more than 35 years, I may assess the best can be found and the worst 2 meters away. Regards Foxy
  6. Hi, I'm not sure but believe the shield has been hand painted, may be by the owner. It's ancient, surely from the era. It has it's original liner, and I definitely agree with you, better nothing than a repro. Foxy
  7. Hi André, You should know that, according to Napoléon 1°, "impossible" isn't a french word ! Here is mine, unfortunately unknown former WW1 owner :
  8. Hi, I did the same analysis as Teufelhund, having read the same books. Replacements wore FG uniforms as "vets" wore OD since months before BW. Logical, as "boots" arrived directly from MC training camps and had no reason to be equipped Army style when arriving in France. However, I found hundreds of MC buttons in this area, not only from tunic, but also overcoat, and trousers fly (marked Marine Corps). So we can establish the use of many MC different kinds of uniform, in fact complete outfits. I have always thought Army and Marine uniforms were largely mixed at BW. About Army buttons
  9. Hi, I'm not a Jeep cap specialist, but as french militaria dealer, I bought, 10 years ago, in France, 104 WW2 original wool knit caps M-41 (sorry, all gone). They were tied up by 10 (10 packets + 4 apart) and each lot of ten had its own maker tag. There were different makers, BUT all of the caps had exactly the same color, wool, and construction. Size was "MEDIUM" for all. What was different from the one you show here, was that the size tag, on all of them, was sewn exactly on inside bottom center. Yours could be a variation... or not, I don't know. I enclose a pic of a maker tag I
  10. Hi, 5 past twelve, I'm live on phone with HPE. First hand news : the book will be on the market in France in 2 weeks. So, certainly available for december in USA. Foxy
  11. Hi, this second book won't be a remake of the first one. You will find new items in it, in every chapters. What was missing will be there (paratrooper, mountain, etc...). Also a fine french collection of little stuff has been lent to HPE, and you won't be desappointed. Anyway, we all are collectors, and to own first one obliges us to buy the second, ain't it ? Foxy
  12. Hello, the kind way his hands are positioned, makes me think he could hold a tiny animal ? I'm surely wrong, just an idea... Foxy
  13. He will always be for me, this US Marine Officer of the "55 days in Pekin". Surely he will meet Dan Daly on heaven scene... An american symbol is gone. Foxy
  14. I will ! But not for fun, to slog... Really bigger than Louisville SOS, smaller than the late enormous L.A. Pomona, bigger than old show at Houston Astro-Hall, smaller than Beltring, but more orientated on true collection, even if all stalls don't present only original. Beltring is rather made for reenacters, but you may bring your whole family, there's something interesting for everybody, kids or wives. At Beltring, don't forget an umbrella, english rain is often invited by the organization staff When in Ciney, don't miss the special belgian beer, and take the road back happily then
  15. Hi, some company numbers having fought at BW (1918) : Some numbers are from 6th Regiment companies, others from Replacement Bns. Semper Fi Foxy
  16. Best books ? Which one through these ? I needed each of them in the past, and when known by heart, questions continued to have no answers. Old ones are often better than new ones, worse pics, poor paper quality, but a gold mine of verified informations. Now, about my own interest, AEF and the WW1 Marines, I think THE book is still to be made. That's just my own opinion. Foxy PS Must admit I discovered US AEF militaria with Hayes Otoupalik, who I met several times, and made me dream in white and black for years with its "WW1 collector's handbook".
  17. Welcome to France, ground of liberties ! Foxy, who owns a special camo suit...
  18. Hi Jonathan, as a long time HP Enjames friend, I think I won't betray a secret writing Collector Guide part 2 is to be published in less than one year, always about ETO, not PTO. About first tome, it's the best sale of H&C since the establishment of this society, and I don't think they will give up with such an international sold book or they need a good new commercial director quickly. So don't worry, I saw the tome 2 scale model some months ago, and it will be as interesting as the best seller tome one, full with goodies and oldies and quality pics. We just have to wait Foxy
  19. Hello, I owned one of these some years ago (and the smaller M1A1 too, same use), and didn't keep them as I don't collect WW2. The translation in english of the french name (charge creuse) for this charge, would be "hollow charge". That means it is used to destroy at an exact place, armored buildings or concrete. The explosion produced a very high temperature which could create a hole in any material. On mine, there were some yellow markings and 1944 date. A very special demo item. Foxy
  20. Hi ! here is a late proof for the "dropped member", that BW was a Marine Corps victory. 7th Infantry and 26th ID took their part in the battle, but the place has been renamed by french govt : Foxy
  21. Hi Sol, YOU made a prisoner! I can't believe it Would you be on Sgt York trail ? Foxy (Y serait pas un peu au Graf ton prusco?)
  22. I think this movie is a fiction, the purpose being to shock collectors! And, reading the answers, it seems the "dealer" got the target Foxy
  23. Hello Bruno ! You're certainly the only grocer to be opened in belgian Ardennes for the end of the year Nice to meet you here, next time will certainly be at Epernay, next year Friendly Foxy
  24. Hi Collector, your Grandpa was quite a goodlooking handsome engineer, and... ... he knew the regulation ! Cordially Foxy
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