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    Brest - Brittany
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    Collecting all WWI/WWII American in Brittany items<br /><br />2nd, 8th, 29th, 94th Inf. Div, 2nd A.D., etc...
  1. Hi everyone, Last month I created the WW2 Brittany Research Center. The WW2 Brittany Research Center has mission to promote research and working memory on Brittany during the World War II, particularly during the events of the Liberation. By highlighting these events often little known sometimes see long forgotten. Lighting testimonials from veterans and civilians as well as the presentation of vestiges of times the best help to restore the vivacity memory of these events. The WW2 Brittany Research Center aims to be a platform for multidisciplinary research combines history, arch
  2. Thanks for your interest Johan ! She comes from a old collector, bought in Richmond Va during my vaccation, that's all I know... Regards, :thumbsup: Jeremy.
  3. Hi all, :thumbsup: Here's 2 shirts from my collection: 1st - Enlisted shirt: Laundry number "T1300" of Sergeant Thompson. With "34356-2" & "27002-3" numbers. (Probably...) "RR.T. T1300" Nobody know a Sergeant Thompson R. R "T-1300" in the 29th ? :think: I would like identify precisely this 29er. 2nd - Officer shirt: I look any information about this 29er's names Regards, :thumbsup: Jeremy.
  4. Hi, Here's one of my Field Jackets ETO reused by the French Army: Regards, :thumbsup: Jeremy.
  5. Hi, There's a unknown WWII Air Force trouser: Who can help me ? Regards, Jeremy.
  6. Yes it's 5619. Otherwise, I probably confused A and R. Thanks, for me it's him ! http://aad.archives.gov/aad/record-detail....5542425,3684324 Can we know his division ?
  7. Hi, Here's an map case (dated 1939) taken as a souvenir by GI on the ETO in 1944/45: I researched information about this man but I found nothing ... It's R.J. CLATTERBUCK, C-5618, Wheeling - West Virginia. Help me please. Thanks in avance, Regards, Jeremy.
  8. Hi, Thank you for your interest Bay.223. It's therefore a good WWII model but modified. Regards, Jeremy.
  9. Hi, A friend have this USM3 knife with USM8 scabbard found in Somalia during Operation Oryx in 1992. (Operation Restore Hope for USA) All metal parts were chromed. The guard is marked "U.S. M3 UTICA". The blade has no markings. What do you think ? Regards, Jeremy.
  10. Beautiful collection !!! I love our M1-Helmets.
  11. Hi Yannick, Superb helmet ! Beautiful Christmas gift ! And one more! Regards, Jeremy.
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