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  1. Hi all, ‘wondering if anybody has access to list of wwii medals. Trying to Id 7389. Any help would be appreciated. -Rob
  2. Thanks for the comments. Just nice that these items remained in the box all these years. -Rob
  3. Hi All, From a tank unit veteran - please see pics for his name and unit info. I love the "home made" wooden box with written address info, originally covered with paper and info - was found in the box along with probably most of the original contents. 2 large flag centers, one was never sewn on and has an original tag still attached. The rest speak for themselves. -Rob
  4. Yes, that was it. The seller had split up a group and I bought all I could from him. Thanks for the comments. -Rob
  5. UNKNOWN TO ME 1800s US ? PROJECTILE - Hi All, picked this up out of a local house, it's approx 8 3/4" tall, 74mm diameter at base, a little less than 3". No markings that I can find. Anyone know what this and what it could be worth? Thanks. -Rob
  6. Hi all, Just thought I'd post this small grouping before passing it along to document the scarce Angus & Coote Flight Surgeon wings - the 1st I've had. I'll let the pictures do the talking, thanks for looking. -Rob
  7. To Friarchuck - I don't have any information on the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal ribbon, I too have seen this before but have no explanation. Yes, I had the entire group for sale on the forum for about a month and a half with no luck. As a life long collector of groupings I have come to grips eventually with the fact that it is hard to find a buyer for large extensive groupings. Everyone has their niche collectible as many are not willing to devote the money and / or space to big groups. All pieces so far of this grouping have gone to forum buyers which is ideal. With what
  8. It all came from his family. Would have been great to have met the veteran himself but after reading his diaries you feel like you know him in a way. -Rob
  9. Hi All, Bringing this topic back up after a long hiatus, had decided to keep it, now acquired some more items from the family and have decided to sell. Will post it for sale in the appropriate section although not sure now to link it. Came up with a bunch of his discharge papers, letters home from him and others in the service. Photos of friends in the service. 1957 Edson's Raiders association certificate - he trained with them, did not see combat with them. His 1941 diary, well written and Dec 7th is covered. There are loads of other photos and such but just too much to photograph.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments all. Also thanks for the photos of the WWI era aviator. Nice shots, gotta love the wing walker shot.... what guts! -Rob
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