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  1. too many cool things to look at, I'll have to return thank you for sharing!
  2. Wonderful picture Thank you for sharing Love those pre-war khaki coats!
  3. Hello Nice pants, these were made in France and Belgium late in the war to match the new Wool Field Jacket, aka "Ike" jacket, also made from OD shade 33 wool serge. The same pattern with satin-like lining was made for officers
  4. Hello Very nice picture on account of the rare patches these entertainers show The place is definitely Paris, Place de l'opéra, a very common place to visit in the city, then and now
  5. Thank You very much Jason, I appreciate the comment I have a little more Century division stuff that i'll post soon
  6. Hello, this all very nice stuff! I though I'd post a few of my 100th Division items too This is a small group identified to T/5 Robert C. P E N N of D/397, he enlisted late in 43 and was probably (and briefly) an ATSP student at Indiana University. The Ike jacket has german bullion insignia: 7th Army SSI on the left shoulder, o/s bars and a CIB (embroidered on German Party brown wool as far as I know). The DI on the o/s cap is the classic painted lead type. Apart from the enlistment data and the 100th Div roster on the internet, I have been unable to learn more about him. Hope you like i
  7. Hello Manayunkman, I've been trying to send you a PM about Sgt Kish but it did not work (full inbox?), can you PM me please? Best regards from France Norwegian blue
  8. Welcome to the forum, razorback ! It is never too late start collecting
  9. Hello Duke and thank you so much for the information, I did not suspect this suit had been developped so early.
  10. Hello a very interesting topic, nice to see other collectors of obscure CWS gear If I may, I'll add my early decontamination suit, which is actually the one seen on Rambob's scan of a CWS manual. The main difference being the uncovered zipper down the front. It is not in the best condition but I love it
  11. Hello as far as I know these are WW2, with a special non slip sole for ship and landing craft decks
  12. love the Trigon party uniforms and markings, great pictures! and I did not know they used inflatable Shermans post-war
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