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    ANYTHING related RHODE ISLAND Servicemen & Veterans. Primarily collect circa 1898 - RVN era items, but will seriously consider anything related to R.I. recipients. My true passion is for items identified, & or attributed to the U.S. 103rd Field Artillery Regiment during the 1916 - 1920 period. ( ESPECIALLY from Battery's A, B, & C, of the 103rd F.A. )
    ALSO, as an off & on side interest, I love to pick up documented, as in with USGI documents, & or firmly attributed USGI "Bring Backs", such as German Police & Japanese Nambu pistols. )

    THANK YOU Guys, dpast32@aol.com

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  1. Well, Matt you have amazed me yet again with your propensity for accurate hits !! Either you possess numerous 'super computers', & or are extremely diligent & determined in your research, or perhaps both !! Best, Dom P. / dpast32
  2. Absolutely awesome animals !! Have had 3 Dobermans throughout my life, & they were all well above average intelligence, extremely loyal, & were what I used to call, 'An most formidable opponent' !! Ohhhh, how I miss my Dobermans !! Best, dpast32
  3. THANKS 'Mars' !!! I had pretty much surmised that it had to have been D.S., but I always seek to have my fellow researchers confirm my assumptions. THANKS to everyone for their very kind replies. Best, dpast32
  4. Hi, THANKS for reply. I was hoping you would chip in, for if anyone knows, it would be yourself. Be advised though, it's the 302nd FIELD ARTILLERY was / is the unit in question. Per the 2 references I have, they list the 302 F.A. as being entitled to 'St. Mihiel Sector, Lorraine', which I assumed would be Defensive ? It couldn't have been the St. Mihiel battle clasp, as the 302 F.A. was nowhere near there during the entitlement period. I'd truly appreciate if you would be so kind as to confirm this fact for me ? THANKS AGAIN, & it's good to hear from you. Take care, Best,
  5. Yes, literally anything is possible regarding these awards. You could pretty much assume that the silver star was affixed to represent 5, or possibly 6 Submarine War Patrols, as the 'Silver' stars were indeed used to indicate an multiple of 5. However, it just as easily have been attached by someone who simply didn't have an Bronze / Brass example available, so went ahead & used whatever he had ? Too bad you don't have any provenance as to its former owner ? If you did, you could always attempt to match his Navy Service up with the number of Stars. Hopefully, one of our true experts in thi
  6. THANKS Jeff, I appreciate your kind reply. Yes, they were indeed an organic part of the 76th Division, but once they arrived in France, they were broken up to be utilized as Replacements to reinforce units already on the Line. Some select units though were kept intact, one of which was the 302nd F.A. Both accepted WW1 Campaign Credit publications list the 302nd F.A. as being authorized the; 'St. Mihiel Sector', to which I assume to be the 'Defensive Sector' Clasp. I base my assumption on the fact that had the 'France' Clasp been authorized, it would have been listed, as opposed to what is
  7. THANK YOU so very much Steve / 'wyatt265', I really appreciate it. In had an idea that the differences between the Disk with 'NA' & the example without 'NA'. Both Disks were included within a WW1 era Militaria & Postal Grouping named to a Sgt. assigned to the A.E.F.'s 302nd Field Artillery Regiment. As with so many Groupings, you're never really sure as to what truly belongs with a Group, & when it was put there ? I can't wait to start to reading & documenting all of his many letters home from France. He appears to have been a man who understood the necessity of recording &
  8. Hello Guys, Hopefully someone here is a bit more knowledgeable on this subject than I am. I have 2 U.S. WW1 Collar Disks, both of which have 'U.S. 302' on them, but 1 example is also 'NA' marked. I also know that 'NA' indicates an U.S. National Army formation. As far as I'm aware, both Disks were included with an WW1 U.S. 302nd Field Artillery Regt. Group. Would either Disk be correct / appropriate for the 302nd F.A., or ?? IIRC, the 302 F.A. was initially a component of the 76th Division, & was an National Army formation, right ? Any assistance here will be very much appreciated. THANK Y
  9. Hello Gents, I'm looking to confirm which Campaign / Battle Credit(s) the U.S. 302nd Field Artillery Regiment was entitled to ? ( Battery C ) From all of my reference, it appears to be either of the 2 following choices; ©>>> France - or - Defensive Sector Based on what I find, 'St Mihiel' Sector is noted. Would that be Defensive Sector ? Any assistance will be very much appreciated. Best, dpast32
  10. THANK YOU to Bobgee & Kurt !! I 'think' I might have this somewhere buried amongst all my files, but at least now it's closer to the top, so to speak. I myself am still 'hoping against you're to ever locate the example awarded to 'my guy', USN LTJG T. Robins, who was a USSC Commander in WW1. I would truly love to find it, although I realize that I'll probably never be able to afford it. I was fortunate enough to grab his other related medals, but the Cross must have either been separated from the group, & or perhaps retained by the family. Great data though !!
  11. I'm glad that I was able to help. Helping out fellow collectors & researchers is my pleasure ! Best, dpast32
  12. Hi John, First, your attempt at honoring your Father's Naval Service is most commendable. From personal experience, I can tell you that you are indeed correct about reference to the USN's 'LION' locations of WW2 being very scarce. I did some work on LION 4 a few years ago, & it turned out to be at Manus, in the Admiralties Islands, IIRC. One excellent source of reference is via Hyperwar.com, who at last check, had an extensive USN WW2 related historical volumes & related pub's. One which may be of use is, 'Building The Bases', or some similar title. From what I recall, a LION was a Fo
  13. Try delving into some sites related to U.S. Army Graves Registration units, & or their later Mortuary Affairs Division. If it specifically refers to being an official Escort for returned remains, then it's most likely related to the GRS somehow. OR, you may also wish to look into some ABMC does on repatriation of U.S. Military remains ? I'll look into my reference for you too. Best, dpast32
  14. Was an American publication, or British ? It almost 'sounds' like an U.K. produced British Commando type booklet. The assorted Commando & Special Operations people were the only types that we're routinely issued, & or with provided piano wire. For tuning their U.S.O. supplied piano's of course. Honestly, I've seen a fair amount of military issued manuals, but can't say I ever recall coming across that particular one ? Good Luck in your search ! Best, dpast32
  15. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! That was exactly the data I was looking for !! Now I won't have to go digging through all of my assorted reference. I owe you one, THANKS again. Best, Dom P. / dpast32@
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