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    ANYTHING related RHODE ISLAND Servicemen & Veterans. Primarily collect circa 1898 - RVN era items, but will seriously consider anything related to R.I. recipients. My true passion is for items identified, & or attributed to the U.S. 103rd Field Artillery Regiment during the 1916 - 1920 period. ( ESPECIALLY from Battery's A, B, & C, of the 103rd F.A. )
    ALSO, as an off & on side interest, I love to pick up documented, as in with USGI documents, & or firmly attributed USGI "Bring Backs", such as German Police & Japanese Nambu pistols. )

    THANK YOU Guys, dpast32@aol.com

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  1. THANK YOU to Bobgee & Kurt !! I 'think' I might have this somewhere buried amongst all my files, but at least now it's closer to the top, so to speak. I myself am still 'hoping against you're to ever locate the example awarded to 'my guy', USN LTJG T. Robins, who was a USSC Commander in WW1. I would truly love to find it, although I realize that I'll probably never be able to afford it. I was fortunate enough to grab his other related medals, but the Cross must have either been separated from the group, & or perhaps retained by the family. Great data though !! Best, dpast32
  2. I'm glad that I was able to help. Helping out fellow collectors & researchers is my pleasure ! Best, dpast32
  3. Hi John, First, your attempt at honoring your Father's Naval Service is most commendable. From personal experience, I can tell you that you are indeed correct about reference to the USN's 'LION' locations of WW2 being very scarce. I did some work on LION 4 a few years ago, & it turned out to be at Manus, in the Admiralties Islands, IIRC. One excellent source of reference is via Hyperwar.com, who at last check, had an extensive USN WW2 related historical volumes & related pub's. One which may be of use is, 'Building The Bases', or some similar title. From what I recall, a LION was a Forward Operating Base, set up to repair, provision, & otherwise facilitate USN operations in an advanced area. Try to link onto Hyperwar.com, & then browse through the U.S. Naval series to which volumes might hold some promise. Again, IIRC, they're available via PDF download or HTTP, & depending upon which you choose you may.be able to search for 'keywords', like LION ? See what you can turn up, & also you may wish to check USN Historical Center Pages, which are also very useful. Let me know how you make out, GOOD LUCK !! Best, dpast32
  4. Try delving into some sites related to U.S. Army Graves Registration units, & or their later Mortuary Affairs Division. If it specifically refers to being an official Escort for returned remains, then it's most likely related to the GRS somehow. OR, you may also wish to look into some ABMC does on repatriation of U.S. Military remains ? I'll look into my reference for you too. Best, dpast32
  5. Was an American publication, or British ? It almost 'sounds' like an U.K. produced British Commando type booklet. The assorted Commando & Special Operations people were the only types that we're routinely issued, & or with provided piano wire. For tuning their U.S.O. supplied piano's of course. Honestly, I've seen a fair amount of military issued manuals, but can't say I ever recall coming across that particular one ? Good Luck in your search ! Best, dpast32
  6. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! That was exactly the data I was looking for !! Now I won't have to go digging through all of my assorted reference. I owe you one, THANKS again. Best, Dom P. / dpast32@
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone recall an article, either via OMSA / JOMSA, or elsewhere, with a breakdown of Mexican Border Service Medals by contract manufacturers, by their rim numbers ? I'm almost positive that I've encountered such an article at some time in the past. If anyone can recall such an article, I'd really appreciate hearing from them. THANKS, Best, Dom P. / dpast32
  8. Hey Guys, I really appreciate all the very kind assistance I've received here !! This particular item is somewhat out of my unusual realm, as I promised myself to call only Rhode Island related items, nothing else. { BUT, if we can't lie to ourselves, who can we lie to, right ? } However, this time I could justify my purchase, as this particular Marine was from 'Little Rhody'. I still haven't figured out how to upload a photo here, so I will at least post some brief data about the Letter, & it's recipient. The recipient was Sgt. Roy B. [ Bert ] HENDERSON, of an Armored Amphibian Battalion. The Letter starts off as follows; "The Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, takes pleasure in COMMENDING SERGEANT ROY B. HENDERSON, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, for service set forth in the following CITATION "For meritorious and efficient performance of duty while serving in a Marine armored amphibian battalion during operations against the enemy on, It then continues to list the specific operations, including the inclusive dates of, along with names of each. It also states 'his coolness under heavy enemy fire', devotion to duty, etc. Also, just below Roy Geiger's name & signature, it notes that, 'Commendation Ribbon Authorized'. All in all, it appeared to me a bit too nice to pass up, especially that it was awarded to a Rhode Island Marine. And, I almost forgot to mention that it came with 3 of his basic, WW2 Campaign Medals, consisting of; Commendation Ribbon, SWPA / PTO Cpgn w/ 4 Stars, & American Cpgn. Included with the 3 Pc R/B, were early strikes of an Am. Cpgn, SWPA / PTO Cpgn, & WW2 Victory Medal. But, as we all realize, the true interest / value is in the Commendation Letter. I'm working on getting it posted here, but for now, at least here's some background to 'hopefully' hold everyone's interest. I THANKS AGAIN Guys !! Best, Dom P. / dpast32
  9. As you may well know, Co. G, 2nd Bn., 16th Infantry is extremely well represented on various Online sights. Co. G was one of the first of the 16Infantry's units to make their way to the Bluffs over Omaha Beach. IIRC, Capt. Joseph Dawson received a DSC for his role in the day's events, along with a couple of others from G / 16. Best, dpast32
  10. WOW, Thanks very much for sharing this bit of information. I never knew just how common it actually was for all the Allied Powers to bestow each others medals & awards upon each other. First I heard about it was man, many years ago from the late Al Gleim, when I queried him about a WW2 era British M.M. that was officially named to an U.S. Soldier. I didn't ave any idea as to what I had, other than I knew it was very uncommon ? Well, as always, he set me straight with the full story. Best, dpast32
  11. Good Morning Gents, Here's 2 somewhat unusual USMC Groups being offered for sale by IMA. I don't know where they're getting this stuff from, but it's very interesting none the less. Way too pricey, & not exactly what I collect, but, quality groups like these always go for top dollar, right ? I received this E-Mail about 2 days ago now, but from what I can discern, both groups are still available ? OK, now we can all go & drool & lament about how we wish we could afford them !! Well, at U personally can't !! Best, dpast32 ITEM # ONSV5100 Original U.S. WWII 4th Marine Raider Battallion Silver Star Medal - Photos - Documents Grouping PRICE: $2,495.00 LINK: https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-wwii-4th-marine-raider-battlaion-silver-star-medal-photos-documents-grouping?variant=31191459397701&trk_msg=2GIA9A69ALC4P5IFIV1OB15EQG&trk_contact=CEREKGJMPHLOPDD9M0BV9N7AJ0&trk_sid=M8B4ELHJ1IKSALGC7EU62FKTR0&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Product&utm_campaign=20200201&utm_content=20200201 ITEM # ONSV5102 Original U.S. WWII 4th Marines USMC & China Marine Medal - Photo - Document Named, & Grouping PRICE: $2,295.00 LINK: https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-wwii-4th-marines-usmc-and-china-marine-medal-photo-document-named-grouping?variant=31191409000517&trk_msg=2GIA9A69ALC4P5IFIV1OB15EQG&trk_contact=CEREKGJMPHLOPDD9M0BV9N7AJ0&trk_sid=M8B4ELHJ1IKSALGC7EU62FKTR0&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Product&utm_campaign=20200201&utm_content=20200201
  12. Yup, As my fellow Forum Members have already determined, it's a Dutch Army or Police issue Holster for either an FN M-1922, or FN M-1935, aka BHP, 9mm. The reason I can't confirm which is due to not actually having it in front of me. ( To see it's relative size. ) One sure way to determine is to check the magazine pocket. If it's a single stack, it's an M-1922, if double stack, M-1935 for sure. They're also found in brown. It is somewhat unusual to encounter an example is really nice condition, as they were in service for many, many years. The saw use with the Dutch, the Germans, & later saw use within the newly liberated, former Dutch Colonial Empire. They've also been imported here throughout the years, both with & without their pistols included. Best, dpast32
  13. As we've all learned when dealing with Purple Hearts, many times there's no 'firm pattern' as far as rim numbers, broach types, & engraving. Yes, there are 'general patterns', although most could not be deemed as firm. As far as rim #'s go, this Post 's example should illustrate that fact nicely. Here's an September 1943 KIA that was not numbered, yet I have an USMC KIA from July 1966 that is rim numbered !! Best, dpast32
  14. Hi Guys, Many thanks for the replies. Yup, it's hand engraved, at least as far as I'm concerned. The Heart I'm referring to us the Adam Dickson Jr., Heart that was just offered for sale here on the Forum. I have NO problem as far as it being legitimate, I was just curious as to why it was not rim #'d being such an early award ? The photos are most likely still available here, but if not I have them saved.
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