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  1. I've been reenacting since '97, mainly only do authentic stuff now. I hardly ever go anymore with graduate school and work. I used to really love it. I was at Shiloh in '97, G-burg 135th, Mobile, Perryville, Resaca, Franklin, Raymond I and II, and the list goes on and on. Good times.
  2. 1. Bright and Shining Lie 2. The First Vietnam War 3. America' Miracle Man in Vietnam: Nho Ginh Diem 4. In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam 5. America's Longest War Just about in that order. Favorite Memoirs: 1. ...and a Hard Rain Fell 2. Blood on the Risors 3. Last Night I Dreamed of Peace (written by a N.V. female nurse). 4. Rumor of War 5. We Were Soldiers Once... Paul
  3. What era is it then, and why? I knew not all the items were Vietnam, so your not stepping on anyone's "puppy." Thanks
  4. I have only recently started collecting Vietnam. I have always only been a Civil War and WWII Marine collector. Anyway....I'm still learning about this grouping, I bought it at an auction this weekend, the guy was in 'Nam, and was a retired CIA agent, that died of lung cancer. He had 45 guns that he gave to his brother, but sold the rest. Thanks for looking.
  5. Nice find! I love the life preserver....I paid a lot more for mine. Paul
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