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  1. Ok...Thank you! I was just speaking about what generally would happen if a person was crippled in training. Just kinda got my curiosity up is all.
  2. Hello everyone, I was reading information on WWII training and had a question. If a person in World War II was injured so severely in basic that it rendered him no longer for military service and essentially crippled, would he receive some sort of pension? For instance, if a recruit, severely broke a leg in training and it meant he was going to walk with a limp the rest of his life or something. Just curious.... Thank you!
  3. This may be a silly question for some but what were Drill Instructors called in the Navy during World War II. I know that today they are called RDC's were they called the same thing in WWII? Thanks
  4. I have a hypothetical question that hopefully, someone could answer for me. During the first few months or so AFTER the attack on Pearl Harbor, many, many people were enlisting into the military. Well, Suppose there was a young man from North Carolina that enlisted into the army. This same soldier was sent to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for basic training. After finishing basic training, the soldier finds out he would next be going to Ft. Benning in Ga. Would the soldier, or COULD the soldier be given a day or so to return home for a brief visit before going to Benning to complete training
  5. Thank You for your help. However one of the links seems not to work.The very last link says, your session has timed out. USS SOLACE (AH-5) had 350 patient beds aboard: Hospital Ship Doctrine in the United States Navy https://watermark.si...7H0iO7RSsYxAShg USS SOLACE (AH-5) had 350 patient beds aboard: Hospital Ship Doctrine in the United States Navy https://watermark.si...7H0iO7RSsYxAShg
  6. Hello everyone, I am doing some research on this hospital ship but I am finding it to be difficult to find the information I am looking for. I would love to know about the medical portion of the ship and NOT the particulars of the ship itself such as width, length, how many engines. What I REALLY would like to know are things like, how many nurses were onboard, how many operating rooms, doctors, and how many patients the Solace would hold. I would LOVE to see a diagram of the ship in its hospital configuration if possible. I know this is a shot in the dark but a shot that is never fired,,ne
  7. Hello everyone, I am curious to know how the dreaded KIA telegrams came to the individual's families. Were they just put in the mail and delivered via regular mailman or were they delivered by a third party of some sort. Also, I know this all depends on the circumstances of death but how long did it usually take for a family to be notified, Take for instance, Pearl Harbor, generally speaking of course, how long might it take, a few days, a week, month possibly?? I appreciate any help someone may be able to provide me.
  8. I just finished a neat little book called Operation Timepiece.Essentially It is about a specialized team of OSS agents that go into Germany looking for a stash of deadly gas which they believe is going to be fired into Britain Via V-2 rockets. It's a little far-fetched but still pretty good.
  9. Hello everyone, I am interested in finding a good website or forum board on the OSS specifically. I was curious to know about something and I am unable to find any references to it at all. It may seem strange but I am going to pose my question here just in case. My question is this. I know that OSS teams parachuted into German held France at the time to cause all sorts of mischief as well as help the resistance movement. I am aware that they operated in usually groups of 2 but sometimes as many as 4. I am also aware that each member of the said teams were given mundane code names fo
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