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  1. agate hunter, Allan is spot on with his answer regarding the Jungle Expert patch and the new Tab. If you are looking for the regulation on the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, search the net for Army Regulation 670-1 (AR 670-1). The last edition that was published on 25 May 2017 but that covers mostly grooming standards and how to wear religious items of clothing. The Army decided to publish Department of the Army Pamphlet 670–1 (PAM 670-1), Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia also dated 25 May 2017 which covers how to set up the uniform and all of the goodies authorized to wear on it. Side note, anything published before 2017 had both aforementioned Reg and PAM combined. Not sure why they published two separate items in 2017. Enjoy!
  2. This was supposed to be 4 pages but I see that it is not so, let me sort this out and add the other 3.
  3. The Regulation that covers WEAR AND APPEARANCE OF ARMY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA was once upon a time Army Regulation 670-1 but recently it was changed to Army Pamphlet 670–1 - Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia in 25 MAY 2017. I have provided several backdated versions to include the most current policy on arm flags. I hope this helps you in your quest. On second thought, I wore an American Flag on my MP Brassard (left side) while in Honduras in 1987.
  4. Tony, In James Sawicki's Antiaircraft Artillery Battalions of the US Army, Volume 1, page 290, this is identified as the 142nd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (Automatic Weapons) (Self Propelled) assigned to the 42nd Infantry Division from OCT 1952 - MAR 1959. This is the best I could do as I also have this tab and wanted to know. Most likely worn on a pocket flap but I am guessing. Kind Regards, Jim
  5. The 3" flag I wore in Haiti for Operation Restore Democracy in 1994. The 3.25" flag I wore on my return trip to Haiti for Uphold Democracy four months after returning to Bragg after the first deployment there. The 2.50" flag was worn by US Forces in Italy in the 80s when I was there. All of the other NATO nations wore their countries flag so we could tell each other apart in Joint Exercises was the rational back then. I am not sure why we changed from the left shoulder to the right shoulder with our flag in the span of 4 months but it was a Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three bags full Sir experience.
  6. Welcome to the group! There are a lot of smart people that hang out here with a vast knowledge base to help.
  7. I have seen the Red and Yellow scroll worn over the 25th DIV on an Ike jacket once upon a time.
  8. is it possible that this is a USAF Civil Engineering Squadron patch? If my memory serves me right, which is questionable these days, the USAF had their Civil Engineers broken down into two categories. They were Prime Beef and Red Horse. I forgot the difference however, when googling Prime Beef, there are more than a few Red Bulls snorting and generally appearing to have a nasty disposition represented. Just a thought as I may be grasping at straws here.
  9. A patch just like the one pictured is currently being offered on eBay as the 68th Infantry Regiment, Light Tank. It is also mentioned that it is pre WWII. Perhaps the seller has additional knowledge on the ID. Offered only as information on a possible ID.
  10. The third Pinned topic, Armor Triangles: Real vs Made for Collectors will provide a wealth of information to answer your questions. In short, it was made for collectors. Enjoy!
  11. Amazing does not begin to describe this grouping.
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