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  1. Doesn't always end there. Sometimes they come back It's not only exclusive to dealers... other collectors get to learn about their genealogy too.
  2. I think that is also true for the shoppers.
  3. That is what I keep telling you, bring some of the "good stuff" out of your collection.
  4. I have a grouping with these patches. Sorry for the glare in the first pic. There are 2 jackets and a couple of shirts. I showed two pictures from one of the shirts.
  5. I was going to bid but don't have my income tax refund yet.
  6. I have stuff like that too. It just creeps in
  7. Picked up this USS Tennessee Group from a Tennessean back in 2018. He was on the USS Tennessee on December 7th.. Sorry for the poor pictures.
  8. Back to the top - In Memory of the day that will live in infamy. Also added this poster since getting the groupings.
  9. Thanksgiving, US Naval Air Station, Pearl Harbor, 1941 Sorry for the poor picture, but all I had on this computer
  10. Douglas Fairbanks Jr was for a time on the destroyer USS Swanson. My father in law served with him on the Swanson
  11. Wasn't this part of a trunk group that the seller brought to the SOS?
  12. I just googled Cambria FC and I suspect its Cambria Football Club
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