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  1. I have several M-1943 e-tools but am still missing a nice T-handle shovel. What to think about this one? Looks like a nice WW1 shovel painted in olive drab as used in WW2.
  2. Thanks! Already had the suspicion it was a repro. Oh well.
  3. Found this bucket at a local dumpstore. It only has an US marking. Don't know what to make up of it; real or a reproduction? Anyone who has more knowledge of these buckets?
  4. No markings on the inside either. Probably faded away.
  5. Hello all, This bag was found in a local dumpstore. I already know its a bag for bazooka rockets. Unfortunatly its missing the internal dividers. It lacks stamps of productiondate and manufacturer. I assume that this is a ww2 period bag? Anyone who knows when production stopped?
  6. My mistake. Do you have it in OD 3 or 7?
  7. Hello all, I went to a local dumpstore yesterday and picked up this bag. I believe this to be a ww2 bag, carrying, rocket, m6. Unfortunatly, it bares no markings of the manufacturer and/or date. Probably a late war example because of the dark od color and the two snap system? Were these bags still manufactured after the war or did it stop because of the new m20 bazooka? Thanks in advance. Rutger
  8. Seeing the first photo, he served as an infantryman prior to his artillery allocation?
  9. Thank you very much ken88. Clears up alot!
  10. I still haven't figured out when a liner chinstrap is considered to be a WW2 chinstrap. I've consulted several topics about it and read things concerning Dot/United Carr marked rivets, brass vs steel buckles and the presence of an anchor under the flip tab of the buckle, green vs black painted etc. Still a lot of discussion/haziness on some points. So my question: when is a liner chinstrap to be considered as a WW2 chinstrap? Thank you in advance.
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