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  1. VAGABilly


    Trying to identify attached patch. Can anyone identify it for me? Billy Alford
  2. Thanks everyone for the info. Most helpful.
  3. Can anyone identify this badge. It is on a recently deceased Korean veterans hat.
  4. Sorry, had a hard time attaching. Hopefully it is attached now.
  5. Family of WWI veteran has this ribbon and can't identify. He was with 32nd Infantry Division in France, Aisne-Marne campaign, Oise-Aisne campaign, Meuse-Argonne campaign, Hindenburg Line (1917-1919) He was from Wisconsin. On photo it is the solid color ribbon-color is gray/green. Please help identify. Thanks.
  6. Wow! Thanks to everyone for the responses! Billy
  7. Can anyone tell me where to find info on a Captain W. G. Mills, HQ 122 Inf Regt 31st Inf Div I have some of his gear and want to know more about him.
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