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  1. That is so nice. An awesome collection of patches.
  2. AWESOME !!!! Very well put together.
  4. Excellent collection. Awesome bullion 82nd. Thanks for sharing.
  5. WOW! What a collection. Many nice items. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I like the one setting on the can in front of his radio. Made me laugh. Great idea using the G.I. Joes.
  7. Nice collection, off to a good start. Well photographed for this sight.
  8. Great finds. I like that blood chit. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Awesome display. I love the USMC displays.
  10. Very nice collection and well put together. I like the wool patch. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Off to a good start on collecting. Looks good!
  12. Awesome, awesome, awesome display. Very well done. Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing this!
  13. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. That was a great chance to pick up some great patches. Kenny
  14. This is my 45 MB. I've had it for several years. I use it for WW2 living history and parades.
  15. Nice collection! I have a small collection of Vietnam war collectables but my biggest collection is WW2.
  16. Wow, what an awesome collection.
  17. Sean, The DI hat has 4 vent holes, undated as I can see but has an old pieceof newspaper folded under the sweat band looks to be ww1. Kenny
  18. Wow, You have some nice ones too!
  19. Johnny, I have several with the snaps on the back. kenny
  20. Thanks Mike. I did this to attach the photos and only 3 worked. I added a topic called test and it worked so I tried my pacific collection and only 3 posted. I am new to posting so I will get the hang of it one day. Kenny
  21. This is my CBI patch collection. It took several years to get these. Most where bought on Ebay.
  22. I set this display up last fall. I am now just learning how to put pics on the forum. I have more pics but that is all I can post. The rest say file too big.
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