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  1. That is so nice. An awesome collection of patches.
  2. AWESOME !!!! Very well put together.
  4. Excellent collection. Awesome bullion 82nd. Thanks for sharing.
  5. WOW! What a collection. Many nice items. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I like the one setting on the can in front of his radio. Made me laugh. Great idea using the G.I. Joes.
  7. Nice collection, off to a good start. Well photographed for this sight.
  8. Great finds. I like that blood chit. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Awesome display. I love the USMC displays.
  10. Very nice collection and well put together. I like the wool patch. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Off to a good start on collecting. Looks good!
  12. Awesome, awesome, awesome display. Very well done. Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing this!
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