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  1. I'll bump this over to the kid, as he is my patch expert, and he will probably pull in his hapa buddy Aaron Pollick. They both know a lot about the various WWII Hawaiian volunteer and paramilitary organizations. We'll see what happens...Great pix. for sure.
  2. See also Forum member Kiaiokalewa’s article “Battle of the Rosebuds” in The Trading Post (July – Sept. 2012, pp. 49-58, link here) for extended coverage of 21st and 24th Cavalry Division SSI.
  3. Sam Houston State Teachers College. Raven mascot. ROTC unit established in 1952.
  4. This is Halawa Naval Cemetery, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, ca. 1945, with Aiea Naval Hospital on the ridgeline in the background (now Camp H.M. Smith). This cemetery no longer exists. In 1947, the remains in the 1,516 graves there were exhumed and re-interred in accordance with the wishes of next-of-kin. The unidentified remains, many of them Pearl Harbor casualties, were re-interred at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific when it opened in 1949.
  5. Try Google: 3rd Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, in Korea from ca. Nov. 1950 to July 1953.
  6. Here is the SSI being worn by outgoing C.G. of U.S. Army Element, Strategic Command, upon his retirement last June (link here): and here is the D.I. as worn by the "Senior Enlisted Leader" of USSTRATCOM (link here):
  7. Great detective work and good analysis.
  8. This picture was taken by Acme News Photos, as clearly identified on the back of the picture in the ebay listing: ACME distributed prints of this photo to its subscribers throughout the country and any number of identical prints of this old WWII picture undoubtedly still exist. Seeing two on ebay within "a few months" is not surprising. If you want it, buy it while you can.
  9. Yes. Particularly period pix. of TRIM SSI being worn in Vietnam. Here is the only published pix. of it being worn by a U.S. officer, Gen. "Iron Mike" O'Daniel, Chief of Misson, ca. 1955. Source: CMH Pub 91-1, Advice and support : the early years, 1941-1960.
  10. Why thanks, Charle. Finding obscure military pictures and documents is my favorite sporting event and the Forum is a good arena for staying in shape. Here is more re. the Brophy pix. Based on the "Buffalo Bugle" article alone, the caption that you found associated with your pix. near certainly is incorrect as to a 1955 dating. Moreover, the article quotes Capt. Brophy as trying the rifle at 2nd ID. As the Brig. Gen. in this pix. appears to be wearing 2nd ID SSI and 2nd ID insignia on his helmet, perhaps this pix. was taken during the 2nd ID demo (in any case, 2nd ID left Korea in mid
  11. AKA: Brophy's Buffalo Gun. There was an article about it in 17th Infantry's newspaper, "Buffalo Bugle" of October 2, 1952.
  12. It looks like a North American AT-6A, the ubiquitous "Texan" which still flies today. Here is another scene from the 102nd Observation Squadron photo archives showing AT-6A (serial no. 41-435) at Ft. McClellan ca. March 1941 after disembarking a very important passenger who is being helped into his coat by the crew chief while the pilot stands by to hand over the general's spectacles and raincoat.
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