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  1. I bought some of those a long time ago to put in packs ect., a cut down 2x4 fits inside perfectly.
  2. glad to help, I was watching it because the condition was so impresive.
  3. nice one, I've got a 44 willys and a hat just like yours too!
  4. this knife appears to be the one that sold on gunbroker auction about a week and a half ago for $2670.00, you may already know that but thought I would let you know if you didn't.
  5. is it not a well made piece of trench art made from an artillery shell?
  6. hi warguy, I also had some issues with "a prominent dealer in montana" many years ago with a couple of ww1 marine tunics.
  7. if I was looking at two identical guns, one with capture papers and one without I would want the one with papers but it doesn't add a whole lot of value to me. as far as the radom here I think whatever you think you are losing with no capture papers you are gaining with the grips and you can probably still find out about the vet and who the peaple in the pictures are with the registration papers. I bought a radom about ten years ago so I don't know what they go for now but that one would be a nice one to have.
  8. I never got to fire a live one but had to jump with a training one two times, scary! I hated everything about them.
  9. nice, I bought my first 1911 at a flea market in a paper bag with 7 rounds in the mag.
  10. I was in the 82nd abn. and got a few MRE's in grenada for the first time, thought they were pretty good at first but I learned to hate them.
  11. cleaning with soap and water will raise it, some peaple like to spray oven cleaner on greasy surplus stocks and put them in the dish washer !
  12. that's a nice one, I have one also. if you ever get to vermont you can go to the old factory building in windsor, they have a realy nice museum that has alot of the old gun making machinery that was made there from the civil war era. it's called the percision museum (not open in the winter).
  13. I believe I talked to a member of the 82nd band at a reunion in the 80's and I'm pretty sure he said they were used as recon troops in combat, I'm not positive so I may be wrong.
  14. the pathfinder idea got me on the right track, I did some google searching and looks like it might be the 145th pathfinder detachment of the 145th aviation bn.
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