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  1. I'm curious about the 517 Infantry insignia and the 17th Airborne patch? I know from my Father's service record and history that in March 1945 the 517th was handed over to the 13th Airborne Division and some of the combat veterans sere not happy about being placed with a division that had not seen any action and some of them went with the 17th Airborne division 513th PIB like my Dad did! And some of the other troopers ended up with the 17th 513th PIB because they didn't have enough points or time to go stateside as early as other units did....? Any thoughts why these items are with this collec
  2. There is an Ernie Pyle museum in his home town Dana Indiana that was run by the state and under Mitch Daniels budget cuts they were going to close it but some locals got permission to buy it and run it as a not for profit group. They would sure be interested in that jewel!
  3. He went through jump training in Rome and was assigned to 517 PRCT that jumped into S. France in Operation Dragoon and earned Airborne Invasion Airowhead on his ETO Ribbon w/6 Campaign Stars 2 PH citation while in BelgIum and trans to 513 PIR 17 Airborne Div for Operation Varsity for 2nd Star on his Basic Airborne Qualification Wings!
  4. He went through jump training in Rome and was assigned to 517 PRCT that jumped into S. France in Operation Dragoon and earned Airborne Invasion Airowhead on his ETO Ribbon w/6 Campaign Stars 2 PH citation while in BelgIum and trans to 513 PIR 17 Airborne Div for Operation Varsity for 2nd Star on his Basic Airborne Qualification Wings!
  5. My father passed away in 1961 when I was 3 y/o in an VA hospital in Indy from a staph infection post lower back surgery. My brother and I are still sifting through the facts/fiction?! After a year stateside Sept 42-Sept-43(no known unit) he was shipped to North Africa as an MP and after 3 months he was sent to Foggia Italy Nov-43 to Aug-44. What SSI would '1178th MP Co. Aviation' have worn? 5th Army or 15th AAF? The only unit desination on his WD AGO 53-55 are for being wounded twice while with the 517th PRCT in Belgium and that he was with the 513th PIR 17th Airborne Div when he was discharge
  6. Thx Steve, for this tribute to a local legend in Brazil IN. I have had the priviledge to visit this site several times as a local veteran myself and I was quite impressed. Earlier this last summer I took part in an air show at the Hulman air field in nieghboring Terre Haute Indiana by the Missouri CAF Red Tail Squadron in cluding a B-25 and a P-51C with a mobile trailer video show depicting the hisrory of the Tuskegee Airmen including some information about Major Hall. Here is a link to the local story, http://tribstar.com/...rt-this-weekend . Also, right across the street from the memorial i
  7. "Letters Home: A Soldiers Story" by Lory Vaughn Curtis 2010, basis for the new movie, "Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed", released on the aniversary of Operation Dragoon/Anvil, Airborne Assault of Southern France 15 August 1944/2012. This recent book is about 130 letters written home in 1943-1945 by his (future) father to his mother (grandmother) during basic training, jump school and combat with 17th Airborne Div, 517th PIR that trained at Camp Toccoa GA, Camp Mackall, Ft. Benning GA and the Tenessee Manuvers and was removed from the 17 Airborne Div to become 517th PRCT with 460 Airbor
  8. Wishing all a Happy C-Mass and a Merry New Year from 517th PRCT! Dan
  9. US82BRAVO is absolutely correct! After researching the US Parachute Association I found that the wing badge can be gained with membership and the award of hangers can be achieved with successive jumps in increments of 1000, 2000, etc. or awards of freefall hours in increments of 12, 24, etc and particular awards as designated by the membership, such as tenure, lifetime contribution, and other particular achievements such as association offices held. Tandem jumps cost upwards of $200 and it takes as many as 9 jumps to earn the priviledge of freefall trained status to begin collecting freefall
  10. Please help ID these paratrooper wings?! No makers mark or other id info on back! 1SG_1st_Cav posted pictures of similar wings w/82nd Airborne Div SSI emblems on them where the shield is on these.
  11. Very Nice!!! I really appreciate the effort you made in the photo with the 1919A4 in the bush on the tripod! Dan
  12. Thx Ben for sharing! I am a late bloomer to the interest of all things Airborne. My father died in a VA hospital in 1961 when I was 2 years old and my brother was born a month later. We spent 50 years not knowing anything about his service until we found a copy of his WD AGO 53-55 at the Indiana State Archives in 2010 and discovered that he was with the 517th PRCT that jumped into S. France in Operation Dragoon 15 AUG 1944 and was wounded twice in Jan 1945 while in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge it appears that when he returned to action his former unit had been moved back to France f
  13. I have taken the liberty of copying and pasting a previous post BY CAVCON New Jersey [Posted 01 January 2011 - 07:12 PM Here is a nice German made piece that was first issued/worn in April of 1946. This DI is for the 17th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mech), which at the time this DI was worn, were attached to the 15th Constabulary Regiment as a Distric Constabulary Unit. Since the 17th Cavalry Squadron did not become a Constabulary unit, but was a District Constabulary unit, they wanted their own DUI when they broke away from the 15th Constabulary Regiment in May of 1946. During WW
  14. I found an earlier post referencing this SSI as a post war 17th Cavalry reconaissance unit associated with the 15th Cav?! http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=96913
  15. Many thx Guys! I am yet to do any research on it. I am very curious to find out were this gentleman has been. The kid did not want to talk about his grandfather and did not have the time or interest in his history hence his desire to PAWN IT! Luckily his full name was on the label!!! with 4 campaign stars I'm sure there is quite a history with the previous owner. I understand that the yellow American Defense Ribbon is for the period from 1939 - 1941 and the American Campaign Ribbon was probably for a year stateside prior to 4 campaigns on the EAME and he made it to post WW II to obtain the WW
  16. I am humbley placing myself at the mercies of the membership of the forum and requesting assistance for ID of this SSI. I am unable to locate an identification for it. I acquired it from a young fella south of Marshal Illinois who was attempting to pawn it and claimed it was from his grandfather, Luthar Hickalson. Dan
  17. HELP?! I have recently been researching and asking for a DD-214 for a Vietnam Veteran who is my brother who died within a year after discharge in 1972 after 2 years in Vietnam and all we know is that he was a door gunner for an Air Mobile Helicopter Assault Co (Crusaiders). Twice now I have gotten a cryptic response from National Personnel Records Center stating that "The Department of the ARMY retains legal custody of the service members military record. Therefore we are refering your inquiry, along with the military record to the US ARMY HUMAN RESOURCES COMMAND which has jurisdiction over th
  18. :think: Things that make ya wanna go HMMMMMM?! I have been researching my father' participation in WW II and have read several books on the subject of airborne paratrooper units but I have not come across any reference to the question of wether or not glider qualified troops that were part of an invasion can wear a star for each invasion landing they made. I'm assuming that they can wear the invasion arrowhead on the ETO or other campaign ribbon.
  19. My Brother, David Perry, ended up in The 187th AHC in '71 - '72 and returned to the states when they disbanded. He died six months later from a fall from a building in Indianapolis while working so I did not get to know much about his service. I was only 14 and did not get to see him after he returned to the States. They have a hold on his records still today at the DOA Human Resources Dept. and will not release them and will not give any reason or reply?! I think they were called the "The Crusaders"/"Blackhawks"!? http://www.187thahc.net/
  20. This link states that the item has been removed or no longer available?! Dan
  21. I found a pcket notebook that I had with me during the WW II Reenactment at Rockville Indiana a"Post Normandy D-Day assault on CAEN FRANCE", and retrieved the name of the WebSite for the vender from Ft. Hood, Temple Texas,!!! His website is called AllEraMilitaria.com
  22. Great Find Siege!!! Maybe this one could soften my sweeties indifference to about all things militaria?! Dan
  23. "Show of Shows" International Militaria Show, 1 of 3 Annual events put on by the membership! Over 1622 tables with resevations sold out with a long waitinglist of venders. more revealed on the website
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