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  1. fantastic display mate! Im drooling over your navy Chute!!!!!
  2. Yes I did think it looked like the horse hair or similar fabric, much like the filling in old chairs etc, but I also know that asbstos was well used in the 40's from wire coverings to fire drapes etc thanks for the replys tho guys
  3. Hell you get around more than me ya Slapper yes mate beer will be cold
  4. Heloo fellows, yet another question this is more of a safty based question tho Now the B2 pads look fantastic, with all the goodys packed away inside them, But... is the form that holds all the items in place made from Asbestos? or is it just hardend wool fibers? anyone have any info on this fellows? I could see how the Asbestos would help to keep everything in good shape in case of fire or even pressure... But very lost on this. and any help would be greatfull Kind regards and many thanks -Ric
  5. Hey ya Gecko Tis a great forum here, I have been a lurker for years just didnt have to much to say but thanks for the help fellows I will be sure to post some pictures
  6. Hello doyler, thanks for the reply. I guess that awnsers my question, thanks abunch for that mate I will flick up afew photos on display, as its kinda US ish, when I get all the goodyes
  7. Hello guys I was hoping somone could help me out with this one, Im hunting for some a14 masks, as our kiwi blokes used them while flying beside you lads in the pacific but the big question is, why the diff colour? I see them in shades of green or a almost black, was this due to diff manafactures, or was this an issue thing, eg Army Airforce got green, and navy got black? Hoping someone could help me out, thanks guys
  8. hey thanks abunch, Im very new to this contract stuff for US gear kiwi/english gear is well alot more simple thanks abunch, now 70US is about the right price for one of these? thanks again
  9. heh anyone also got anytips about contract numbers? I guess at the end of the day that will tell me if these are war time thanks again guys
  10. Hello guys Im just after an opinion on these too flying suits First alittle bit of info I live in NZ and im trying to finish a Pacific grouping for kiwi pilots we used alot of your gear, as well we didnt make alot of our own but i would like you reviews, feed back on these two, note they have diff contract numbers etc, and one last little bit of help any clue to what I should buy them for? sorry US gear is rather far away from my current collection but I did get told this is the place to find some gurus thanks abunch ok number 1 and number
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