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    Looking For Any and All Items Related To The 305th Bomb Group From WWII

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  1. Thanks Bearmon for the link. I never knew there were 3 Confederate flags, the last one coming in March 1865. I think this must have been a relic of some sort (although it doesn’t have any markings on it) or maybe something given out by the UCV/UDC after the Civil War. Best, Dan
  2. I picked this relic up recently. Does anyone know what, if anything, it was used to commemorate? It looks like three Confederate flags on paper on an old piece of wood. Perhaps it is a relic from a battlefield or ship. Has anyone see anything like this before?
  3. I thought that was the case about the tie. Very interesting.
  4. Many thanks for the information. According to the link above, he enlisted in the USMC in 1931 and became an officer in 1937, so the time is definitely right.
  5. I recently picked up this uniform (and tie) from a retired Marine (pre-Vietnam). He had a number of WWII era USMC uniforms including this one. He said he was given most of these uniforms by a friend who owned an antique store. The name and initials inside read CWS and C.W. Shisler. I looked up the name and it appears that it belonged to a General Claire W. Shisler who started out as an EM in 1932 but became an officer and served in WWII with great valor (http://ourcountrysheroes.blogspot.com/2015/09/brigadier-general-clair-w.html). Is this a pre WWII USMC uniform and
  6. Can anyone help me with the ID and age of this patch?
  7. Many thanks to all for your comments. It’s greatly appreciated.
  8. Definitely. I wouldn’t want it to blow up in my hands!
  9. Thanks Rhscott also for helping me try to put the bolt in properly. I tried pulling the bolt back and putting the safety up but no luck. I’m going to look at some you tube videos, as ottodog8 suggested, and see if I can figure it out.
  10. Thanks! It says U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903 940797. I looked it up and it means a 1918 manufacture date. It’s a real beauty. It weighs a lot too. I can’t imagine lugging it around in combat. I’m tempted to bring it to an armorer and see if can be fired or if it first needs to be restored. I imagine the latter. I would love to fire it.
  11. I just recently picked up a M1903 Springfield Rifle that came with a whole bunch of other items. I’m not a rifle collector and know nothing about them but I think it’s very cool. It appears that the manufacture date is 1918 based on the serial number. Can anyone verify that? Also, the receiver doesn’t want to push all the way into the slide (I’m sure I’m saying this wrong!) and I don’t want to force it. What am I doing wrong? Finally, can anyone tell me anything else about the rifle in terms of condition etc. It seems to be in very good overall condition and it’s am
  12. Can’t wait. Never been down there before.
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