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  1. Here’s a slightly better pic of the back. It looks like the upper one clearly has a “C” catch but I can’t make out the bottom one.
  2. Look at the two silver back prongs of the propeller (I circled them in red) that are folded over the back.
  3. Here are some close-ups of the front and back. I asked for better pics, especially of the pinback, but interestingly, it appears that the wings have two prongs that were bent over the crossed rifles to attach the wings. If original, perhaps they were for an AA unit at an aerodrome, as Patches suggested.
  4. Doh! Looks like you’re both right. A WWII British Woman’s helmet for the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Regt.
  5. Allan, that’s an interesting thought. I hadn’t even considered that. I’m waiting for more pics from the seller and I’ll post them when I get them. Dan
  6. Thanks for thoughts. I’m still waiting for close ups of the front and back.
  7. Does anyone know when this knife dates from and what it might have been used for? many thanks.
  8. Does anyone know what this insignia stands for on the side of this helmet? It looks like FANY with a 7 but it doesn’t appear there ever was a 7th NY Field Art. Regt. in the 1930s. Many thanks.
  9. Can anyone tell me if this pair of insignia are original or if they are fantasy pieces? This is the only pic I have but I’m asking for better pics of the front and back. Many thanks.
  10. Hi ABN, much appreciated. That’s what I’m thinking. Best, Dan
  11. Does anyone know if this is a civilian or military flight helmet? It came with a large group of AAF items (including WWII AAF flight helmets) from a pilot who received his wings pre-war in the National Guard around 1939. It doesn’t have any AAF marking in or on it and I’m inclined to think it’s a civilian helmet he purchased at some point. If civilian, any idea of the maker?
  12. Thanks Bearmon for the link. I never knew there were 3 Confederate flags, the last one coming in March 1865. I think this must have been a relic of some sort (although it doesn’t have any markings on it) or maybe something given out by the UCV/UDC after the Civil War. Best, Dan
  13. I picked this relic up recently. Does anyone know what, if anything, it was used to commemorate? It looks like three Confederate flags on paper on an old piece of wood. Perhaps it is a relic from a battlefield or ship. Has anyone see anything like this before?
  14. I thought that was the case about the tie. Very interesting.
  15. Many thanks for the information. According to the link above, he enlisted in the USMC in 1931 and became an officer in 1937, so the time is definitely right.
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