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  1. I wonder if it was done to reduce the noise from the Fastex buckle as they rattle against the metal clip and it looks to have an additional nylon strap on it.
  2. That is my Dad in Midnight Mickey. It was the first P-61 on Saipan. I have his after action reports for his 2 kills and one unconfirmed. I have not been on this site for very long yet and when I figure out the picture posting I will try to post some of his things. Thanks for posting the pics.
  3. I also recently picked up one of these with the reverse markings. It is used and a small portion of the tip is broken off. I can only guess that the went in the wrong way into the stamping machine. I wonder how many were manufactured that way?
  4. I think some of those aircraft were from the 7th Airforce on Saipan. My Dad was a P-61 Pilot there and I will have to get his pictures out and see but I believe Sleepy Time Gal was there if not in the same squadron. Very nice pictures of the planes and nose art.
  5. Thank you for the addition to your membership. I am in the DFW, Texas area and the information and knowledge here is outstanding to say the least. I have interests for US WWII to present. After looking here for information I have learned I have a lot to learn. Thank you all.
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