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  1. I got this a few years back in an online auction with other navy bits. 8 pages of naval dispatch press about the end of hostilities. Looks like it was compiled by the crew of the Mervine given the artsy cover. I've seen other naval dispatches with the same date and content sell for good cash. This one is old and more than likely from the era, but with my luck I have a copy of over a million other copies...lol.
  2. I have a 5th Army(Previously 4th Army)518th MP helmet myself, I got it as just a shell, but paired it with a 5th Army liner I had lurking around. Nice to see another one.
  3. Reviving the dead....sorry about that.
  4. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/298372-wwi-medal-group/ Recently posted this medal set I acquired. The group is un-named but from New York. The French victory medal was found with the others.
  5. Thanks for the info....I wouldn't have known where to look.
  6. The medal on the left is actually a French victory medal....but I was told it was part of the group. They are seen in commonwealth medal groups sometimes. Not all allies got them.
  7. Recently acquired this small group locally here in Alberta, Canada. The two middle medals are from New York and Brownsville, Brooklyn. The New York medal is also numbered. I normally collect WWI Commonwealth medals, but these were too interesting to pass up.
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