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  1. hi my brother pited these WW2 US Amry boots up on ebay and not sure on them, they have NEOPRENE OIL RESSTANT on the bottom of them and have 9 eyelets not 7 and a marking on the inside any help thanks
  2. Hi these are my newest items to my vietnam seal collection hope you enjoy looking at them.
  3. hi i have a swedish k in the uk and i am looking of a suppresser for it or the measurements to have one made if anyone can help me thanks
  4. hi my brother just bought a medical unit box and would like some more info on it, because the one he got is a lot biger then the one in SAILORS IN FOREST GREEN by Jeff Warner, the one in the book is grey, but his one is green with all the some red cross and green stripes making.
  5. hi wear can i get one of robs reproduction hawley liner from it the best reproduction i had seen thanks joe
  6. just though il put on my 4th mar div sea bag and 4th mar div officers bag,officers bag has 1st div markings on one side and then 4th on the other.cheers jack (sogmanjoes) bro.http://i41.tinypic.com/j5fqcx.jpg
  7. Hi my brother pick this USMC ww2 three pocket Grenade carrier up at a small militaria fair. it has a usmc hanger on the back and is made from the some canvas as the two pocket Grenade carrier. it looks the some as the two pocket Grenade carrier in Harlan Glenn book '782 GEAR' on page 190. me and my brother have never seen an USMC ww2 three pocket Grenade carrier, and can't find a photo of one in a book. would like to hear poeple opinion on the pouch. thanks joe and jack.
  8. hi i found this on ebay 'vietnam 1970 dated siesmic sensor set.U.S SOG' Item number: 260790716920. i have never seen a full set for sale, and wanted to share the info if any one is looking for a set.
  9. hi thank for your reply,no they dont have any markings on them apart from ''goodrich'',hi-press made in canada on the soul,looked at ww2 canadian army shoe pacs but their different from mine.
  10. Hi i broght a pair of SHOE PAC but they are diffent to the ones in Government Issue Collector's Guide book on page 61. i have been looking on google to see if i can find a set that are the some as mind. can any one tell me if they and the right ones or if they are war time or not thanks joe
  11. hi some new items to my collection. The first is a CISO Ruck Sack (my fourth) but the best, it is in brand new condition. my next item is my CISO Indigenous sleeping bag i purchase some time ago now off the forum, i think it is in good condition. This is one that i made my self using my original, think it is a good copy
  12. That is an excellent display, with some great looking kit thanks for shareing
  13. Hi i modified a 1-quart canteen top to make a filter cap that was used by the SF and reconnaissance patrols in vietnam. There is one in the book 'U.S Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War' by Shelby Stanton on page 175.
  14. hi yes your right they are CIA/Laotian mag pouches.
  15. Hi i got this Randall Model 14 for my 21st birthday, it was the best gifted i have ever got. info i found on the kinfe. it Made aprox late 70's to early 80's. The knife has a 7 1/2" Stainless Sawback blade. The sheath is a Johnson Rough Back with no rivet marks, green lacings and an unmarked orange stone.
  16. hi paul you got some great looking displays in your war room.
  17. Hi thanks for the info on the IKEA display case. going to pic one up soon
  18. Hi some more of my collection. Iam not sure if the stabo extraction rope is right for the vietnam era.
  19. Hi all, this is part of my SOG collection, have be interested in SOG for about 8 years. hope you enjoy the photos. unknown rucksack brought in vietnam in 2008 could be SOG or NVA, made from green nylon and heavy weight poncho. more to come.
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