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  1. Wow, that is an awesome uniform. Not every day an airborne D-Day vet pops up on Ebay.
  2. I looked and couldn't find the thread again either, but from what I remember I think the argument was over a specific uniform and that the type and color of the pen was not around in ww2. I could be misremembering the thread, however its still unusual that you don't see many names written in uniforms using blue ink.
  3. I have seen the Wyatt uniform and had a little concern with it only because it is in blue ink and I remember seeing a conversation on the forum regarding when blue pens were first used. I cant remember the outcome of the thread as to whether blue ink was period or not but I don't think I have noticed this color ink in another Marine uniform.
  4. Those are beautifully displayed, what type of case do you use to display them like that?
  5. It is him I think, if you look at the muster roll for Jack W Johnson in October 1944 which I included it shows that he was discharged on that date so he must have reenlisted and that is probably when he was assigned to the ordinance company in 1945. I believe it also says that he was the NCO in charge of the BAR range. A 1944 discharge would make sense with the discharge diamond and maybe the MAC makes sense for someone assigned to a rifle range detachment. Sounds like a nice uniform. Edit: adding the muster roll ended up far blurrier then I hoped, if you are interested in the info I can
  6. Wow a USMC patched navy corpsman's jumper, that's something you definitely don't see every day. That's a great grouping and thanks for sharing the patch.
  7. Very nice, I like the DI that are included on it.
  8. Thank you both for letting me know its ok, sorry my concern very likely stems from inexperience. Since I have not been able to find an embroidered twill example online anywhere let alone a picture of one on a uniform I feared maybe the 3rd did not make a twill embroidered version. I know I had seen twill versions for most other marine patches I just found it odd that I couldn't find an example for the 3rd and worried it was a modern patch that had been added. thank you for easing my fears on that matter.
  9. The patch threw me also but I was able to find an example in an ASMIC Trading Post article that was listed as an embroidered twill example and looked similar so I think the patch is hopefully ok. It would be really cool if it was a theater made variant because I love coming across those, but I kind of doubt it. This is only the third dress blue I have been lucky enough to add to my small USMC collection (that will be subject to change because I find them to be very sharp and impressive uniforms) but I am not very experienced with these either so your opinion is definitely greatly appreci
  10. Great then mystery is probably solved, I guess the second division makes sense since there are two squares. Are the tac marks with the unit numbers different from this type of marking which is filled in?
  11. I saw that one, its a really nice example. Im no expert but I believe that the seller said that the circular yellow mark underneath the blocked mark was for the 6th marine and that they did not know what the block markings over it were. I have no idea what the second markings mean but there are several threads on Marine markings on the forum, Ill try to find one to direct you to. Alternatively I would recommend you set up a free ancestory.com account and search the name through their marine database, they have very good records of marine's service so you can probably figure out the unit that t
  12. The Ruby is probably a good guess. One thing that I noticed is that the rear portion of the slide on your mystery gun (I cannot remember the exact term at the moment) appears to make almost a 90* degree angle down, which would rule out many guns such as the Walter where the back portion of the slide is more angled. I wonder if there is a German gun that might fit that profile also since he is posing next to a German plane.
  13. Here is a picture of the way the rank is sewn on which appears very similar. I believe the rank does match the wear of the rest of the uniform because it is well frayed around the edges and has a small moth nip. PS: thank you for the quick replies both of you!
  14. Here are close up pics of the front and back of the SSI.
  15. That's the one, I thought with the seller's pictures it was really hard to get a good opinion on the patches but that it was worth a shot and they kind of look better in person. I will post a picture in a moment but want to say that the thread on the SSI appears to match the thread on the rank. Both are sewn in a way that has black thread on the inside and red thread against the red of the patch. It appears similar to another set of tailor made dress blues that I have which are named to a marine I have been able to research.
  16. Sadly they are not, I purchased the uniform from someone who thought it was a modern woman's dress blue uniform and I suspect that since they thought it was a modern uniform they just put new EGA on them. I plan to fix that error once I have caught up with all my other uniforms that require EGA. Also I am a little surprised that it would not be worth faking because I saw that as a real potential problem with dress blue uniforms such as this with no provenance. Do you think it is not worth it because if someone would take the effort to acquire a period dress blue uniform to alter t
  17. Hello, I am wondering if any knowledgeable individuals on the forum could help me judge the authenticity of this 3rd Marine Dress blue uniform I found recently. The jacket is a private purchase example and appears to have once been named but is too faded to read making ID impossible. The threads seem to pass the black light test and don't glow, and there is evidence that it once had a ribbon bar attached and actually saw some use. Is there anything else that I should look for to determine whether this is authentic or a put together? Additionally, I am a little concerned about the
  18. That's an amazing find, I always love to see things from West Virginia vets. I've got a small grouping from my great Uncle who served with G company of the 175th. He was killed assaulting a fort late in the Brest campaign while trying to outflank a sniper that had pinned him and some squad members in a shell crater. His aunt spent the entire war insisting that he was still alive because his last letter written just days before his death thanking her for sending him money and that he was looking forward to spending it when he got back to the states arrived after the telegram saying that he had
  19. Thank you both, it would have not been possible to do without the individuals on the forum who helped me with information. I honestly might have not realized that it was from the PHS without the help of other members. Some day after college I hope to add a hat, belt, and breaches to complete a display but from the little bit of research I have done so far those specialty items are nearly impossible to find. And Brian you might find this interesting but Asst. Surg. Wynne was an Indiana resident and appears as a Public Defense medical specialist (or something similar I forget the exact ti
  20. Well I have finally been able to restore this uniform, the rank pins don't match each other in wear as much as I would like but it is pretty good for now. Its a terrible irony that subsequent world events have led me to respect the role that Assistant Surgeon R.E. Wynne must have played in 1918 facing the Spanish Flue. Thank you to all health care providers past and present.
  21. Sorry if this is the wrong location to share this post but I am in the process of planning a trip to France and plan to visit several WW2 sites, however I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of Ft Kerranreaux which was a fort that G Company, 175th of the 29th Division captured on 13th september durring the Brest campaign. I recently recieved a portion of my great uncles stuff including KIA purple heart, V-mail, and letter from the Assistant Adjutant that explains how he was killed trying to out flank a sniper which had pinned him and two of his friends down in a shell crater. I thought it wo
  22. Thanks, It has definitley grown to be my favorite (and only) ww2 helmet in my colection due to everything I learned about it on this forum and subsequent literature that I have bought.
  23. Nice set. I have one of that type and I suspect that they might be made by Gemsco. My reason for suspecting this is that I have a pair that have the same style plastic backing but are marked: 22K Gold Gemsco in two lines on the back. My guess is that this was just a fancier version of the same pin that you could have made in gold instead of sterling since neither were vital to the war effort. I will try posting a picture in a few days once I find where I stored them. And Patches That is a part of how they were made, I think they are intended to keep the otherwise very thin DI from bein
  24. Bringing this back up again because I think I might have found the Veteran who owned it. I found a Nathaniel M Austin who enlisted not very far from the area that I purchased the helmet and a book I found on Ancestory.com says he retired in Oct. 1944 as a 1st Lt. All of that seems to make sense except for why they would let officers retire in the middle of WW2, the retirement code is listed as K1, does anyone know what that means? If it helps he may have been in some Auxiliary unit because his category is listed as A US.
  25. Very nice, I like the 5th army dui. They aren't all that common, I tried getting one I found a few months ago to add to my own 2nd corps DUI but couldn't get it in the end. Too bad there isn't a name to any of the stuff.
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