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  1. Sadly they are not, I purchased the uniform from someone who thought it was a modern woman's dress blue uniform and I suspect that since they thought it was a modern uniform they just put new EGA on them. I plan to fix that error once I have caught up with all my other uniforms that require EGA. Also I am a little surprised that it would not be worth faking because I saw that as a real potential problem with dress blue uniforms such as this with no provenance. Do you think it is not worth it because if someone would take the effort to acquire a period dress blue uniform to alter t
  2. Hello, I am wondering if any knowledgeable individuals on the forum could help me judge the authenticity of this 3rd Marine Dress blue uniform I found recently. The jacket is a private purchase example and appears to have once been named but is too faded to read making ID impossible. The threads seem to pass the black light test and don't glow, and there is evidence that it once had a ribbon bar attached and actually saw some use. Is there anything else that I should look for to determine whether this is authentic or a put together? Additionally, I am a little concerned about the
  3. That's an amazing find, I always love to see things from West Virginia vets. I've got a small grouping from my great Uncle who served with G company of the 175th. He was killed assaulting a fort late in the Brest campaign while trying to outflank a sniper that had pinned him and some squad members in a shell crater. His aunt spent the entire war insisting that he was still alive because his last letter written just days before his death thanking her for sending him money and that he was looking forward to spending it when he got back to the states arrived after the telegram saying that he had
  4. Thank you both, it would have not been possible to do without the individuals on the forum who helped me with information. I honestly might have not realized that it was from the PHS without the help of other members. Some day after college I hope to add a hat, belt, and breaches to complete a display but from the little bit of research I have done so far those specialty items are nearly impossible to find. And Brian you might find this interesting but Asst. Surg. Wynne was an Indiana resident and appears as a Public Defense medical specialist (or something similar I forget the exact ti
  5. Well I have finally been able to restore this uniform, the rank pins don't match each other in wear as much as I would like but it is pretty good for now. Its a terrible irony that subsequent world events have led me to respect the role that Assistant Surgeon R.E. Wynne must have played in 1918 facing the Spanish Flue. Thank you to all health care providers past and present.
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong location to share this post but I am in the process of planning a trip to France and plan to visit several WW2 sites, however I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of Ft Kerranreaux which was a fort that G Company, 175th of the 29th Division captured on 13th september durring the Brest campaign. I recently recieved a portion of my great uncles stuff including KIA purple heart, V-mail, and letter from the Assistant Adjutant that explains how he was killed trying to out flank a sniper which had pinned him and two of his friends down in a shell crater. I thought it wo
  7. Thanks, It has definitley grown to be my favorite (and only) ww2 helmet in my colection due to everything I learned about it on this forum and subsequent literature that I have bought.
  8. Nice set. I have one of that type and I suspect that they might be made by Gemsco. My reason for suspecting this is that I have a pair that have the same style plastic backing but are marked: 22K Gold Gemsco in two lines on the back. My guess is that this was just a fancier version of the same pin that you could have made in gold instead of sterling since neither were vital to the war effort. I will try posting a picture in a few days once I find where I stored them. And Patches That is a part of how they were made, I think they are intended to keep the otherwise very thin DI from bein
  9. Bringing this back up again because I think I might have found the Veteran who owned it. I found a Nathaniel M Austin who enlisted not very far from the area that I purchased the helmet and a book I found on Ancestory.com says he retired in Oct. 1944 as a 1st Lt. All of that seems to make sense except for why they would let officers retire in the middle of WW2, the retirement code is listed as K1, does anyone know what that means? If it helps he may have been in some Auxiliary unit because his category is listed as A US.
  10. Very nice, I like the 5th army dui. They aren't all that common, I tried getting one I found a few months ago to add to my own 2nd corps DUI but couldn't get it in the end. Too bad there isn't a name to any of the stuff.
  11. Thank you for the help, I think I made myself worry knowing that there were restrikes and not knowing what one looked like. Just goes to show there is no substitute for handling the items and really knowing what they look like.
  12. I agree, it is likely Boy Scout related, maybe not Order of the Arrow but probably another early scout order. I found this somewhat similear example. The website the photo came from was dead but it says that it was for the order of the red lodge.
  13. Then I am mistaken, thank you for correcting me.
  14. I am wondering if anyone can take a look at this DUI and let me know if it looks ok, I thought it was fine at first but then I noticed that there were small differences between it and the examples published by ASMIC and was concerned that ASMIC noted that they had been restruck and reproduced. The back is a german pinback. Note: If the first picture is terrible I will try to resize it and try again.
  15. I recall seeing a very intresting ASMIC article on the series. I was always confused about it however because unless I am mistaken there is an example of this type for the 17th airborne, which I don't beleive was ever in Italy.
  16. Yes I know of a few examples unfortunately none that I personally own, but the last few months I have been using ancestry to try to research the Alphas I see popping up on Ebay. I know I have seen several that I matched to various MAW units that did not have their SSI. I also know I have seen several named ship detachment marine uniforms that did not have their SSI on them. I do believe I have a screen shot of one of those uniforms that I could show as proof if you want to see it and I can find it. Its possible I guess that I could be mistaken and the uniforms could have belonged to post 19
  17. I looked on Ancestry and there were a ton of J A Weber records, most were post world war 2 however. The only JA Weber Jr. that I could find was Joseph A Weber Jr. who served in a repair branch of the Marine Corps in 1955. I don't think missing an SSI always means that its post ww2, some people didn't bother I think, but this seems like one of the surprising cases where early ww2 gear may have been issued long after the war ended.
  18. Lol I've been looking at that patch also, the seller has been listing some truely awesome items.
  19. The color of the thread is likely irrelevant because those buttons are not the origional ETO jacket buttons so they had to have been replaced at some point. They could have easily been sewn on after the jacket had been dyed in which case those threads would still be white.
  20. One problem with that logic is that I am pretty sure the female uniforms you show are British and the uniform you have is American. The two countries would have done things differently and it is very unlikely you can draw a parallel there. It is odd the tag isn't died, but it is also completely washed out it looks like so maybe it just lost the red tint when the whole thing got washed out over the years.
  21. Thanks for bringing this back up, I just picked one up because I think it will be a really cool addition to the GHQ collection that I am starting to build in the memory of my Grandfather who I believe wore this patch in WW2 and the occupation period.
  22. I wouldn't say that, I think the uniform clearly started as a British made first pattern enlisted mans jacket, everything is correct about it except that it is red and the buttons have been replaced from the OD ones that they normally would have had. Additionally, the tag seems to be in the correct place except it is washed out so that you cant see it. These jackets were made in the 1943-44 time frame for American troops in England. As to why this one is red and has had it's buttons replaced it probably got repurposed after the war. It is identical in most respects to the one found here:
  23. Is there any way you can post a better picture?
  24. That is a wonderful uniform and a better history with it. I love seeing 29th Division items because one of my greatuncles was killed at Brest with the 29th Division so I have a somewhat personal connection to it.
  25. Thanks guys that is good advice, I will definitly include a note in the pocket for whenever down the road it leaves my collection, although I do not see that being any time soon. As a younger collector I think it is good to know what the collecting community's opinion of this issue to avoid trouble. My concern was that at some point down the road someone might call the legitimacy of the entire uniform into question and whether it even had the 4th patch on to begin with since adding the patch would probably obscure the faded area and make it harder to tell what was really there and it would be
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