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  1. I still think that is an amazing piece, thanks for sharing it again.
  2. I love the engraving on both medals, they are really eye catching. Nice piece from a WV vet.
  3. Also by coincidence I found this training book in an antique store after getting the pin and thought the Camp Crowder connection was neat and worth sharing. The book was named to an individual from E company of the 801st signal regiment which I believe was a training regiment.
  4. I spotted this insignia on eBay while searching through junk enamel pins and thought it was a neat one. It appears to be an enamel version of the Camp Crowder patch that has been discussed previously on this forum and ASMIC, although I could find no information on there being an enamel insignia for the signal corps instructors at the camp. The pin has a simple C catch on the back and is unmarked which makes me wonder if it was made by a local jeweler in Missouri. During the course of my research it occurred to me that this could be a "sweetheart pin" but being roughly around the s
  5. I just got the Pin in the mail today and I thought I would share a better picture of it because it is more beautiful in person then in the seller's pictures where it appears dark. I am thrilled to add this one to my collection as a good example of a locally made CBI insignia. Thanks again Allen for helping me with information about this pin.
  6. I agree that insignia seems to match what little of the details we can see of the insignia and what is known about the vet. Good detective work.
  7. Thank you so much for confirming that for me! I have seen them on the forum before and tried doing the appropriate research on ASMIC but that is not a fair substitute for experience or seeing one in person. I'm excited to see it in person, it was wildly misidentified on eBay and I nearly had a heart attack when I found it on a very broad search of pins on eBay. I'm not sure I can accurately appreciate how rare it is until I have gone my collecting career without finding another come out of the woodwork but I am pretty confident it is the rarest of my growing DUI collection.
  8. If these pictures are not detailed enough to make a judgement on I will likely have the pin in hand in about a week and can provide better pictures then.
  9. Hello, I am wondering if I can get a second opinion on this unmarked 725th Railway Battalion DUI that I just purchased. I do not have it in hand yet but the seller provided some good photos that lead me to think it is the real deal, but I am not an expert and would like the opinion of someone more qualified then myself. Thank you for the help.
  10. Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion! I think it makes sense because since it is a private purchase blouse there is no reason that it should show that a division patch and sergeant rank removed. Especially since Jos*eph All*en never was a Sargent and only earned the rank of Corporal at the end of the war. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as easy to research using the censes records as it is with the Marine Muster rolls. Not sure if there is anyway be 100% sure they were cousins so this will likely remain a martial mystery. Also the timeline lines up well that the 1st Division vet came
  11. Those look really good, I have some demilled rifle actions that I have used to make display rifles but have never considered doing that with a cut revolver.
  12. I have some that are 2.5 and 5 gallons. You can fit just about anything in a 5 gallon Ziploc bag.
  13. I have never had any damage, I just like to be cautious. On stuff I think might be fragile and feel there is a risk of moths I put them in a garment bag and place one or two mothballs in with it and then store it in a part of my apartment that I do not use so the fumes are not a problem.
  14. I use the freezer technique also, especially when I get a very gross uniform. A lot of times I put them in big plastic bags so that water doesn't form on them that badly, but to tell you the truth I have never noticed any damage to anything even without a bag. I personally would not try it on a uniform that has a lot of metal pins, bullion patches, or something delicate like a silk patch. I feel like if enough water formed on it and it froze that could be bad in those cases and I just do not think it is worth the risk for them. This post does remind me that I placed a uniform in my freezer in
  15. Sorry, if you want a patch evaluated we really need to see the photos of the actual patch, not one that looks like it on eBay. Im not sure what trouble you are having with sizing because I thought those issues were eliminated when the site was updated.
  16. The stiches seem to line up pretty closely to this Gloucester tab which is why I think that is what had originally been there, too bad there isn't a name in it for a better ID.
  17. I got this very interesting dress blue uniform off eBay recently from a collector who said they picked it up with a large group of named uniforms belonging to Jos*eph T All*en of the 19th marines, Third Marine Division. While looking for a name to try and build a solid case for it belonging to Corporal Allen I noticed that the uniform had the ghost of a sergeant rank under the corporal chevrons meaning that it belonged to someone before Allen, despite the fact that it is a private purchase uniform that should not have been reissued. Even stranger I noticed that there was a very faint ghost of
  18. I believe you are correct that it was put together. I could not find a D M Sather that I could find that had any job relating to dogs. One was with the 1st Marine Air wing and the other was with the 17th AAA bn. It is possible this belonged to the Donald Sather of the 17th AAA and had the Pac artillery patch switched to dog handler because they would have the same outline.
  19. You are right Patches according to ASMIC it is a 1943 era pin for the recon element of the 69th Infantry Division. ASMIC also listed a 50's era insignia with the same design but I believe that this is the ww2 era one. Very great find.
  20. You are kind of right except that it is known that these helmets came off the San Francisco when she was scrapped and since she was decommissioned early in 1946 they are assured to be helmets that were used on the ship during world war 2. Now for who may have used them for most of their career and what ships they may have been on before the San Francisco you are right there is no guarantee when during the war these helmets were put on the ship. Since a very large number of the helmets found were fixed bails with Hawley liners or low pressure liners I would guess that they had been on the ship
  21. It is also probably worth mentioning that the m1917 can be found with two different types of sheaths. The first is a wooden sheath covered in a thin paper like material that fits in a canvas cover similar to the 1903 bayonet. The other is a metal sheath that I think dates to the WW2 era and is less common. For some reason it is extremely common to find new canvas sheath covers that do not have the wooden insert to hold the blade so that is something to watch for if you end up looking to pick one up. Another thing worth mentioning is that the majority of these blades (or of the on
  22. That is a nice one. I am mad at myself for not getting one of those, especially early on when they were really going cheap. I kept thinking it was no big deal when I kept getting out bid at the last minute because it seemed like they weren't going to run out any time soon.
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