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  1. I know there doesn't always seems to be a lot of interest in DI but if members are interested I will show better views of some of the most interesting examples, such as a Japanese made double pronged pinback DI, which might not appear as interesting at first glance in the display.
  2. I thought it would be a neat idea to show my DI collection after 1 year of focusing mainly on that field of collecting, the one year mark was really back in June when I had to renew my ASMIC membership but due to COVID a large portion of my collection had been left at school so this is a little late. I am focusing on WW2 era pins. especially theater made examples. I am very happy with my collection so far which has 170 examples in it, including three that are units or variations I have never seen before, 9 or 10 that are featured in the "quality DI collection" article of ASMIC's "Best of the
  3. Glad I could help put a name to the uniform, it is pretty nice by the way good job.
  4. I do not believe that the duffle and Jacket are connected, the S5449 is a traceable laundry number however when I searched it I did not find anyone with the last name Scarpine.
  5. I am glad you brought this patch up because I had been thinking of asking for your opinion on it and if you had ever seen one before. I cant believe it would be anything other then a 725th Railway battalion patch but the description made me laugh a little. I think he just made a mistake somehow, I bought a unique possibly hand made DUI from him that was "German made plastic" for a unit that never left the United States and was disbanded after the war. Kind of hard to have a german made pin for a stateside unit while we are at war with them so mistakes do happen. My concerns were about th
  6. That is cool, it looks like my painted DUI might have been made by the same manufacturer, just mine could either be an earlier version or was not finished and painted instead of being enameled. Yours might have also been made in Egypt like mine also, unless the use of that style of pin was more widespread then that country. I will look for the Air Corps DUI that had been made in Egypt that lead me to believe that type of pin construction was Egyptian. I also looked it up and the 711th was operating in Iran out of a city called Khorramahahr, so maybe that one was made somewhere in what is
  7. I am glad you like them, here are pictures of the backs plus some better up close ones of the two. What does the back on your Persian gulf command look like? is it the same as the 711th Railway? I had actually misspoke a little earlier it is not the way the front is painted that makes me think the painted pin is Egyptian made but rather it is the structure of the pin on the back. I have seen several rare early painted DUI for air corps squadrons that were made while the units were stationed in Egypt and they have the exact same pin structure which almost resembles the Italian pin back but
  8. That is pretty amazing, congratulations. it is always nice when eBay pans out well and you get more information then you expected. It would be interesting if any additional items pop up from him.
  9. It is certainly better then nothing and I am pretty pleased with it especially compared to my track record with navy jumpers... but now that I am looking at my written records on him I think I either wrote the wrong brother's name down in my notes or bought the wrong brother's uniform. I will have to double check Ancestry to clear that up.
  10. Here are the pictures of the uniform, it isn't eye candy but has some neat history there even if he wasn't on the ship long. I also included a picture of the post-it note that used to track his transfers, I could not find any records of him on Ancestry after being transferred to the hospital and Naval District so I assume he either left the service or stayed there for the rest of the war or something similar. Thank you, this is actually the first pair of ww2 era dog tags that I have been lucky enough to add to my collection so I am happy to have found them to add a name to the group
  11. I love finding local groups also, I have some great stuff from truly remarkable vets from units such as the 10th mt div, 11th Airborne Div, a B-17 copilot who flew fairly early in the war, and a Marine who served as a gunner on the Enterprise from Indiana and Iowa where I have been for school. West Virginia items just seem impossible to find by comparison, never find them in the wild and never seem to find them for sale on places like Ebay. And sure I can post the jumper and "Donald duck" hat that came with it but they are both blank, not even the hat has the US Navy ribbon on it
  12. Sorry I missed that you had asked me, but I agree with Doyler and my guess is that the pair came from a middle eastern country with a British connection since they have British style pins. Persia, India/Pakastan, Egypt? It is really anyone's guess unless you had a vet to say where they got it. I included pictures of the two that I have. I thought that the painted one was Egyptian made because it was very similar to another pin I found that had been made in Egypt.
  13. After spending the summer in West Virginia due to COVID searching for anything named to a WW2 vet from the state I finally found a group I am pretty happy with just a few days before I had to leave to go back to school. The group was hidden in a cup at a community yard sale which I nearly overlooked, but luckily I noticed one of the ribbon bars on a second pass and realized that everything must have belonged to the same officer. Sadly the seller had no further information on the Vet, but for only $3 I cant complain too much about the lack of information. Two of the collar insignia and one of t
  14. I agree the 711th DUI is really awesome. Theater made Persian command pins are some of my favorite and come in some interesting varieties. I have two versions of it, one that was painted and one that was carved out of a piece of silver and possibly gold plated. It has been a while since I have seen an enamel one like yours, they don't pop up often.
  15. I think I had that issue once, I had never noticed it but late last year eBay refunded me 5$ that they had taken by mistake because they were charging more state tax then they should have been.
  16. One Idea that came to my mind is that you have never actually said that there was a name in the jacket, maybe the pants were the only thing that belonged to the individual but when he died a friend in the same unit took them and kept wearing them. If they were in the same unit they could have had similar service histories meaning similarly decorated jackets and that the jacket could still be original. I have an airforce group where 6 pieces (2 shirts, 2 jackets, 2 pants) were all named to the same guy, the only other thing that I found in that army surplus store was a pair of trousers in the e
  17. There are a lot of variations of CBI enamel pins, many of them sell for around $30-40 I would have to see the type of pin on the back of it to know for sure where it was made. I believe that I have seen that exact type at least once before and my guess is that it is Indian made. Indian made pins tend to be the more common ones so I would say yours would probably be around $40 since it is pretty nice with no damage to the enamel. If the pin on the back is the Chinese made version I think that would make it more rare and valuable but only in the 50-60 range. I could be wrong but I have been watc
  18. That is a very interesting one, I have never seen any of those makers marks and it is kind of unusual to find a horizontal pinback that is not theater made. Very cool find.
  19. That is really cool, it would be neat to have a working set. I cant imagine it would be comfortable to dive in tho.
  20. I agree, that looks like the older style Warrant officer rank that was used during WW2. Very cool helmet.
  21. It would seem to stand for "Army Air Forces Training Detachment".
  22. Wow, that is quite the nice group, thanks for sharing!
  23. I am fairly sure that I have an example of a 4 pocket jacket from an airmen where the patch is sewn in nearly the exact same way, although I believe that is on a sergeant's uniform. I think there is merit to the argument that such a high ranking officer who clearly cared so much about appearance would have had a better job done sewing it on, but I think it is not enough to determine that the uniform is no good based on that fact alone. Hopefully researching the name is fruitful and you can find a picture with the vet wearing it which would show if it had been altered or not.
  24. I agree, I believe it is 4 collar discs. I have seen that a few times before where an enlisted man mimics how an officer would wear their collar insignia and have two US on top and 2 crossed rifles on bottom. Given how well dressed up the rest of the uniform is that is my bet of how he wore it. Also great uniform, my grandpa was under GHQ in Japan during the occupation.
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