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  1. I believe you are spot on with your info except that it is not entirely true that all ww2 dress blues are private purchase. I have a pair that are 1941-42 dated Phila. QMD stamped to a ship detachment marine who was an anti-aircraft gunner on an aircraft carrier. I believe I have read that it was fairly common for ship detachment marines, and a select few other positions, to still be issued dress blues. These exceptions are rare however and infantrymen and normal marines would need to have private purchase dress blues made if they want any.
  2. I agree that it is a regular 60/70's era German made crest which makes me even more sure it is 100% fake. I looked up the units history and it was deactivated in 1949, most likely in Japan as it was part of the 1st Cavalry. I could not find that it was ever in Germany or existed in the 60-70's to have a DI made for them. I have heard that German firms made DI for collectors and I would bet this is one of them which would explain why there is a German made DI of the era. I am sticking with the Trading post and saying that this one is the fake they described and should not exist.
  3. I agree that they are likely all German made but I believe that the 271st Field Artillery (give it a go) DI is fake. There are a couple versions that I have seen and I even have one and all of the ones I have seen are Japanese made and screw back. I remember seeing in an old trading post article that there were known reproductions of this DI that had a "deep blue" color to the sea around the island. The real examples are a light blue almost grey. With that information I would double check to make sure none of the others are units that served in the pacific and might have had their units restru
  4. Anyone else have any good finds? I haven't been able to get out much this last week but I did find one neat uniform. A "George Washington Costume" according to the tag, but it turned out to be a Marine dress blue jacket that have seen quite a bit of wear. There is no name that I can find yet, but there is the ghost of a 1st Marine Division on the shoulder. Too bad it and the ega were removed.
  5. According to the trading post they can be found both enameled and painted.
  6. I agree there are a lot of fakes, I have some pictures of both fake and supposedly real ones that I am comparing them with and I think these are a fake. I will add that I know quite a bit but am not quite an "expert" on DUIs and that I have never personally handled a pair of these, you should wait until a real "expert" chimes in before making a decision but I will try to help. That being said the back looks all wrong to me. Several pictures I have of reproductions have the weird marbling on the back, the pics I have of real ones do not. Additionally the hallmark letters look to "f
  7. It could be a interservice transfer, that might make more sense. Another option, less likely and could be 100% wrong, but maybe it is an air force combat controller. I looked through and it seemed like it had special requirements for individuals who were embedded with a unit in combat. Maybe if a combat controller was embedded with an army unit while they saw combat they could be awarded the CIB by the Army and the unit they were embedded with. I do know it wasn't uncommon for combat controllers to have airborne wings, but I have no idea why they would be on the wrong side. I will
  8. My only thought is maybe the name was for someone famous, but a quick search found nothing. Plus with the sellers reputation I wouldn't trust it if I did find something interesting.
  9. Agreed 125 is way too much. That is an awesome patch but I have picked up the green AF ikes for between .99 and $10 of ebay a couple times. I think most of the value would be in the patch so I would base what you are willing to pay off that.
  10. If I am correct there were a number of early transitional periods with the air force uniforms, very early uniforms such as this can be found where they used the new ranks but had not yet adopted the blue uniform so they still wore the army green ikes. Then once the air force adopted their blue uniforms there was a period of time where they could still wear shoulder patches. There are some great threads on the subjects if you search for transitional air force uniforms.
  11. Thanks for adding this, I am only half way through but an really enjoying learning more about the medals. Great job.
  12. I had the same thing happen to me last month, one rare DI in a group of foreign medals from an overseas seller, then the last day I check on it and it had vanished. I didn't even get a notification it had been removed it was just gone. High bid on the lot was .99$. And wow, that is robbery that it resold for that.
  13. I think I found a ww2 enlisted visor this morning. I am only guessing on the period really, it could be more modern for all I know because the EGA looks more modern to me but I am not an expert and have not handled a visor of the era to know the difference between ww2 and korea.
  14. I hope it was clear that I was joking just joking because you followed my theater made patch with one of your own, I loved seeing such a great CBI uniform. I agree it is always nice to find something great and feel like you are saving it from a horrible fate of misuse. Is the uniform named by any chance? A lot of times I have found Goodwill finds easy to research because you can just search the local obituaries and get lucky.
  15. Wow way to one up my theater made patch. lol That looks like an amazing set, hopefully named so you can research it? Save some luck for the rest of us!
  16. I never thought of it that way lol, It is also worth mentioning that I found a WW1 79th ID uniform today that had been stripped of patches and was somewhat mothed. It was clearly marked 29.99 but when I tried buying it the casher rang it up as 79.99 and said that I was wrong because "why would they sell a ww1 uniform for 30$". I ended up having him put it back, because it wasn't worth arguing over, but I know I was right that it was a 2 and not a 7 on the tag and the fact that he wouldn't let me see the tag after kind of confirms it. My guess is that he ended up buying it after his
  17. I hit 4 more goodwills today, it may just be because I got a late start but I think the amount of military stuff is down in my area. There aren't even many BDUs they are all the new camo with the Velcro that makes them easy to strip. That being said I did make two interesting finds oddly both are things that I swore I would never buy from a goodwill again. The first is a navy jumper, which I have never had good luck with, but this one has an unusual shipbuilder rating on the sleeve and on the tag it looks like it has the name of the shipbuilding company in addition to the sailor's name. I thi
  18. Went to two goodwills today and made a saddening find... a pair of named ww2 officers pants which I think I traced back to a local vet whose obituary said he served with the 20th Airforce in WW2 and later Korea. No sign of the jacket so I am afraid I am too late for it. They want $18 for the pants so I think they will stay there a while mocking me over what I missed. The only other decent thing was a ww2 dated pith helmet that had been painted pink for some reason.
  19. I was watching the one with the tab, it really shot up at the end. It is a beautiful patch so I am guess I am not too surprised by the ending price.
  20. That's a great one, I love the tab. Honestly it is bugging me that I am visiting my Girlfriend in a state that does not do Halloween at goodwill because this is my favorite time of year to search. Hopefully in a few days once I am back I will have something to share.
  21. I believe they are all occupation era theater made pieces. The first one with the tree is the 8th Coast artillery, the one with the lion and the dragon is third field artillery, and the black and red one is the 48th AAA BN. A really easy way to find these is just type "theater made DUI" in eBay. These are all fairly common so just searching on eBay will eventually give you a ID from one someone else is selling.
  22. the liner looks like an early one with the folded nap strap. Very nice.
  23. The arrowhead would definitely be for Normandy because the 90th only saw action from Normandy on. I believe that Bill the Patch is right that there were elements of the 90th that had assault credit for Normandy, however just because he has an arrowhead does not necessarily mean that he was in a unit that actually had assault credit. My great-Uncle was with the 343rd FA and the ribbon bar of his has an arrowhead for Normandy even though the 343rd came ashore D+2 and I think assault credit was only for D and D+1. It is still really cool to see however because you know without a doubt that means
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