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  1. I tried posting a picture of the entire uniform but it seems too big even by itself to post.
  2. Sorry that picture uploaded terribly I will try to post a better one.
  3. Sorry if this should be posted somewhere else but I recently came across a rather plain 4 pocteted jacket from world war 2 that had this 101st patch sewn onto it. I am far from an expert on these however my gut reaction was that this was too clean around the edges and was a later patch that was sewn on. However, it does not look unlike type 10 or 14 on the 101airborneww2 eagle patch corner site that were made both during and post war so I thought I would see what the forums opinion was and if my first reaction was correct. Thanks.
  4. Thank you very much for the help, I have not been able to find a DUI from that unit to verify however that makes sense based upon the design. Seems like a rather obscure pinback one I am glad I stumbled upon it!
  5. Thats a very nice find, it was my belief that the real cadet bayonets were done at West Point and only used by West Point, although that's not to say that every chromed Krag bayonet will be a cadet bayonet. I remember seeing a few chromed bayonets that looked fishy back when I was searching for one to give to my brother as a gift for getting in his plebe year. I have a picture of the bayonet displayed at the West Point museum with it's description on another computer so I will see if I can find and post that if it adds any useful information.
  6. I had not considered army air corps and I will look in to that. Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you guys for calling my attention to his reputation, I had considered purchasing something from this seller to add to an airborne collection I am trying to start but have rethought that after reading some of what has been said about him by other member.
  8. I'm sorry to post asking help on a DUI (If that is even what this is), but this one really has me stumped and with no motto or standout symbol to search I thought it was worth posting here. The pin is exactly the same size as my 51st Armored Infantry DUI and the checkered pattern makes me think it is related to the 99th Infantry Division but I have had no luck finding it associated with that either.
  9. Yes, sorry if it took me a bit to respond school has been keeping me busy. I hope these are what you wanted? And thanks buzzbomb, I was afraid of the possibility that they may be repainted, but it looked good and was not nearly as expensive as a lot of HE grenades I have seen so I figured it was a good place to start.
  10. Thank you very much for your opinion, mine is definitely not noticeable like that at all. It is always weird what bubba does so I have stopped trying to make sense of it at all, I just figured it was done in a less firearm/ ordinance area to show that it was not live. I agree with you that I prefer to keep items as found, and since it may be original I will keep it as is. I just figured if it was confirmed to be a M21 and the OD was wrong to begin with then it wouldn't matter as much if I restored it. Thank you everyone for the help.
  11. Thank you for the information, the hole is 5/8th inch, there is no evidence of threading that I can see and the hole is fairly clean except for the opening. It is very hard to tell but the opening does not appear to have been chamfered, or at least not as obviously as the one you posted or any I have seen, however immediately under there is a little lip that is nearly over maybe a third of the hole giving it a small crescent moon look making it appear almost as if they had begun drilling at one spot but that the bit shifted early on before sinking straight through. Should I repaint it and dis
  12. Thank you for the reply, those prior posts on the BB grenades were very informative and one of the reasons I picked this one over the other Mk2 the antique store had which was also drilled similarly because I felt more confident in the originality of the markings. Interestingly this grenade was found in Springfield Ohio so it did not make it very far from its starting point. You are correct that it appears to be off center and I believe it to be drilled not cast that way I am just not sure when in the grenade's life this was done.
  13. I was afraid of that, I havn't been able to find any information that this was done however. One site that I found with a lot of information states that "the practice grenades could be found with any of the fragmentation grenade body types except those which did not have a filling hole", which seems to suggest that this was not done. (http://tgrm.foxed.ca/Americangrenades/Mk%20II/The%20Mk%202%20grenade.html) This makes me wonder if the hole was drilled when it was demilitarized to show that the grenade was inert.
  14. The paint and fuse looks correct to me, the fuse is a modified M200A1 that very very faint black lettering over it that I believe says M10A3 in block letters.
  15. Hello guys, I think I finnally purchased my first authentic Mk2 HE grenade but I would like a second opinion from someone who knows more then me to make sure that this is a real one and not a M21. There is a large hole in the bottom that I at first assumed was used to make the grenade inert, however after coming across early screw bottom mk2 grenades that had been used as practice grenades once the plug was removed I wanted to make sure that the army did not drill holes in solid bottom grenades for a similar purpose. Thanks in advance to anyone with an opinion.
  16. They don't really, most of the time they get taken down after being posted but some slip under the radar if you are lucky. My guess is the ones that make it to the end of the auction get mistaken for fakes and don't get reported. There actually seem to be a lot of grenades coming out of former Russian countries where they have been found left from WW2, I believe you just need to know the proper key word to find what is hidden on the site.
  17. I was following this piece, however stopped because it got out of my price range. If I had to guess the price is high because there are so few grenades regularly come up for sale, especially on ebay so if two people who got in a bidding war knew of no other place to purchase one they might drive the price up. Additionally the pull fuzes are not that common either, I was bidding on one in nicer condition that was on ebay and it sold for over 100$. Probably just two people who both see this as something really cool and feel like they have to have it.
  18. Jumpy I agree with Fiziwater, and that the way to win over parents is to impress them. One way I did so with my own parents was to include some items that I knew they would be interested in. My mom is a battle Im still fighting and I am at the "That's cool but wouldn't it be better and much cheaper to see it in a museum" stage. My dad however loves guns so once I convinced him to get me my first M1 and he saw how fun it really was he has fully supported it.
  19. Saddly that fact probably gives a deep psychological meaning to the group and connects the books to Chosin. From what I have learned about Chosin the cold was one of, if not the, biggest obstacles the Marines faced and it left deep phycological scars on some of them. One documentary I watched was heartbreaking, watching the veterans describe what they went through and it seems possible that it had a lasting impact on this individual.
  20. It is a very nice helmet, the ones that are stuck together are great because sometimes that is the only way to be 100% sure someone didn't just put them together. Good find.
  21. Nice find! It is intresting he enlisted in the city that I am from.
  22. I am not an expert so take this with a grain of salt but I think that the paint on the inside of the shell is likely WW2 era, I have seen that shade before with helmets of that era and it appears to be similar to my only front seam helmet. The chin strap I believe would probably be right also, the Korean era helmets had the same sewn chinstrap but the difference is the color. WW2 the straps were OD I think which was a lighter color then the Korean era, or I could be remembering that backwards. The liner paint is correct, I believe all Vietnam era liners started out that color. Hope that wa
  23. Very nice find. Love it when there is a clear enough name to ID it to a person.
  24. The shape of the frames seems similear to Russian or private purchase pilot goggles that I have seen on eBay. However, the strap connecting the two lenses is different from what I think is normally found on pilots goggles and is more like the ski goggles from WW2 so, while I could definitely be wrong, I would bet that they serve some other use other then pilot goggles.
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