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  1. It is the 242nd Coast Artillery and according to ASMIC that is a pre WW2 version, apparently many of the pre war manufactured ones had poorly designed lions that were almost indistinguishable as such.
  2. Very nice, I've been trying to get one from that seller but haven't been able to yet because it seems like every week they sell for more then the week before. Really cool that those helmets survived although its too bad they weren't stored better.
  3. I like the DI, personally I think its ww2, although maybe it could be the Occupational period. ASMIC lists Gemco making this design for the 501st Airborne Regiment durring the war in a plastic model. They also list it made by Meyer and Emblem Supply Co. in enamel post war but don't list Gemco as making it post war.
  4. Wow that is an amazing find and would make for a really cool restoration project. I beleive that one of these is on display at West Point, they had a fascinating display on early multishot and breech loading prototypes the last time I was there.
  5. I agree it is nice to see another, especilly since they are different variations. I have only found one other set of examples online, which seemed to be enamel also, so yours might be the rarer type.
  6. Actually looking at them ours might be slightly different varieties are yours enamel or painted? I was also able to sort of get the markings and am posting those in case anyone in the future viewing this post is interested.
  7. I was just lucky enough to find a matching pair of these also. They are probably my favorite DUI find so far, but I wanted to mention that mine are marked, and assuming yours are the same they probably are also. If you look at the upper portion of the metal used to hold the pin on it should be marked SAF, unfortunately this was far too tiny for me to get a picture of with my camera as I had lighting issues just capturing the general pin.
  8. Honestly 27 might not be a high enough number to make it impossible to solve. If nothing else I would search for obituaries from the 27 results of A-8962 and see if you can find the obituary of an individual with that name from that unit. Frequently families put such information on their loved one's obituary but it may take a while and there is no guarantee it will work. However if it is important enough to put the effort into, and this case it might be, it could work. I recently did this with a 13th Airborne's uniform and got lucky with this method so it can happen.
  9. Sorry this is a late reply, but I feel like it would be great to get a free resource out there especially for DI's that havn't been covered yet. Unfortunatly most of my DI's don't fall into these categories and given that between the two of you there are 24000 pieces already accounted for it might be unlikely that I could offer anything new but I have a few intresting variations that might be worth sharing. Id be happy to help in any small collection could and wanted to show that there was some interest in the site being made.
  10. Good find, makes sense now why I couldn't find a Hunt using the A-8962 code. I wonder if that is the guy, or if since both that and the jacket's laundry number and names are crossed out both belonged to different people and were reissued to a third guy.
  11. That is a nice find, lots of character to the jacket. I really like the felt backing because it makes the CIB stand out. I could not find anything searching the laundry number (which looks like A-8962 in stencil but A-8961 hand written?) Given that his laundry number starts with A (I think) then Hunt would probably be part of his first name I would guess short for Hunter. I could also be completely wrong and should be ignored in that case but I hope it helps
  12. Looks like it was a really good day. Did you get the entire crate of smoke grenades?
  13. Thank you very much for the confirmation, I agree it is an eye catching one that I am glad I found. When I first came across it I thought the red cross and anchor might have meant it was for a hospital ship.
  14. I found this interesting insignia the other day and have been unable to find much about it and woud like to make sure that I am correct about what it is. I think this is a DUI for the 16th medical regiment that was in existance from 1940-43 because I have found that their motto is Vigor In Arduis, however I have not actually been able to find another example of this pin to verify that that is what this is and for all I know another unit may have adopted the motto after the 16th was disbanded. Can anyone confirm the unit that used this? Also does anyone have any idea of how common of this DUI
  15. I love the display, is it one of the guns that IMA sells that is made from original parts? How do you like it I have been giving a little thought into getting one of those to add to the wow factor of my families gun room but haven't decided whether it would be better to get one of those or save to try to get a semi-auto version. Also as far as ammo are you looking for origional period casings or just any 8mm french and .303 casings?
  16. That is very weird, at first on seeing that I assumed the first one must have been a fake but if you look at the spacing of the letters they match up almost perfect and I doubt anyone could copy it so well. Was that picture used in your book?
  17. I agree the first is a very nice bullion Communications specialist from world war 2, the second one could be an unofficial patch or foreign air force patch. I think probably foreign since the triangle is opposite what the specialist patches normally would be, but if it was unofficial maybe that wouldn't matter.
  18. Thank you for the replies guys, and for the pictures those are some nice pieces. Last night I noticed that there was some blue paint on the grenade, although after comparing it to your examples I think it might still be fake and it somehow knocked up against one of the other grenades and had some paint rub off on it. I was hopeing that it was real because that would be one less type to find but at least since it is a pretty good fake I can still display it until I find a real one. I noticed that there were a lot of different models of practice lemon grenades with all sorts of finishes from
  19. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could confirm weather this was a real practice grenade or not. I beleive it is an M62 because it takes a M228 fuse however I am a little skeptical because it seems rougher in finish then the M30's I have seen on this site and most of the ones that I have seen on the site have been the M30 without the jungle clip. It came in a lot with a real M21 and M69 (Both are real although they have slight issues such as the M69 being repainted and oddly having charecteristics of both the early and late models) so I had assumed that this one was also real until I received
  20. I do not know when this became a rule but it must have been after the occupation period because you see a lot of locally made DUI's that are unmarked. My guess is that it would likely correspond with the Army's requirement that all uniforms be made in the US, otherwise it would be odd to require "made in the USA" be on an item that did not necessarily have to be made in the United States.
  21. Thats honestly one of the coolest DUI I have seen, your grandfather must have been pretty lucky to find one.
  22. That is an amazing collection, I especially like the booby trap adaptors and the rifle grenades. Neat to have found a lot more BB marked grenades also.
  23. A picture would definatly be helpful, does it look like this? If so it might be a captured German M39 egg grenade. It would be neat to see pictures of all the grenades.
  24. Thank you for the quick reply, that was my reason for think it was fake in the first place also so it is good to hear that feedback from someone more knowledgeable.
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