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  1. I was watching the one with the tab, it really shot up at the end. It is a beautiful patch so I am guess I am not too surprised by the ending price.
  2. That's a great one, I love the tab. Honestly it is bugging me that I am visiting my Girlfriend in a state that does not do Halloween at goodwill because this is my favorite time of year to search. Hopefully in a few days once I am back I will have something to share.
  3. I believe they are all occupation era theater made pieces. The first one with the tree is the 8th Coast artillery, the one with the lion and the dragon is third field artillery, and the black and red one is the 48th AAA BN. A really easy way to find these is just type "theater made DUI" in eBay. These are all fairly common so just searching on eBay will eventually give you a ID from one someone else is selling.
  4. the liner looks like an early one with the folded nap strap. Very nice.
  5. The arrowhead would definitely be for Normandy because the 90th only saw action from Normandy on. I believe that Bill the Patch is right that there were elements of the 90th that had assault credit for Normandy, however just because he has an arrowhead does not necessarily mean that he was in a unit that actually had assault credit. My great-Uncle was with the 343rd FA and the ribbon bar of his has an arrowhead for Normandy even though the 343rd came ashore D+2 and I think assault credit was only for D and D+1. It is still really cool to see however because you know without a doubt that means
  6. They are cool but not all that common. I found one in a named grouping and if you wait long enough one will pop up on eBay in the $250 range.
  7. The first one is the 69th Coast artillery.
  8. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I figured there might be a good explanation for why that was.
  9. Definitely post-war, you are right the M22 hallmark is post-war. Another way you can tell is that it is a clutchback pin. While there are some US and theater made DUI pins that date to ww2 these are rarely encountered and this is not one.
  10. You can still get good deals if you get lucky. I purchased my blue sky carbine 3 years ago at a gun shop for somewhere between 350-400, I cant really remember exactly. It came with a reproduction paratrooper stock I add if I ever want to remove the original one, 200 rounds of 30 carbine ammo, 4 original marked magazines (one is the 30 round for the M2 which I think is real but not 100% sure), and one repro mag. I once added up the value of all the extras and figured that I really only paid around $50 for the gun. The import mark on that one was so hidden I didn't even realize it was an impo
  11. I feel like the bars and slashes are backwards, if that really is Mt. Fuji then why is there a bar representing overseas wartime service instead a slash for peacetime service. Another odd thing to me is that it features a mix of navy and army insignia. I would love to know if another member has an explanation to that but it looks like a great helmet with some great artwork if it is original, too bad it doesn't seem to be named.
  12. They are not that uncommon, I think one of my M1 Garand and M1 carbine were imported by them. Generally these import marks are seen as hurting the value of the gun, and nearly makes some unshootable from what I have heard. I got lucky my carbine has one of the original ribbed barrels from ww2 and when the importers mark was stamped in the ribbing it was so light that it is nearly impossible to notice.
  13. Yeah that is much better shape then you normally find, a lot of times at least one blade will be filed down some or the wood will be messed up and markings faded. Since it has the shield in the wood I agree it is an early war knife before they started just stamping them. Nice find!
  14. That is a great one, I remember when you found that and first posted it because I had just seen one sell for pretty big money on eBay. That was certainly a great find. I have found some kind of unique variants as low BINs but the only "Best of the Best" ASMIC pin that would be on the same level of rarity that I found out of the woodwork ended up a little bit of a bidding war. I hope one day I come across a low BIN like these but the neat thing is that you never know what will pop up next.
  15. That is a truly awesome find, I have never seen that pin in the wild before except for the best of the best article. On rare days I have found some of the best of the best pins mislabeled, but never for 10$ thats just amazing. Congrats and thanks for showing it!
  16. I have a patch identical to the ROTC one that has a blue background. If I remember correctly it was for a specific schools ROTC in Colorado although I do not remember which one. My guess would be that the read background could signify the ROTC program of a different school.
  17. I also saw that group, is the 5th Army Italian made and the 1st marine division theater made? I couldn't tell from the photos.
  18. This really rare DI recently sold on eBay, unfortunately I got sniped while I was in class and did not win it but I thought it was worth sharing this really rare insignia with the forum. The normal 252nd Artillery DI is an embroidered cloth example but occasionally very delicate decaled pins such as this can be found for the unit. There are a couple of theories for the existence of these such as that only a small subsection of the unit had them made. When ASMIC published the "Best of the Best" issue this DI was excluded because one of the rules for the issue was that only pins that "a collecto
  19. Wow, its pretty rare to find them with any ribbons left on. Sounds like a pretty nice find. I checked a few days ago and only found two modern army dress pants but its about time to start hunting!
  20. Personally I do not know about the 90th Division insignia but I am skeptical of it because the shell and liner do not show similar amounts of wear. The shell is pretty beat yet the insignia also does not seem to match the wear on the rest of the helmets. I am not an expert and you should get another opinion but at best these parts are original and got paired together, but I think more likely they are reproductions.
  21. That patch is for the 2nd Marine division. I have seen a couple of other army uniforms that have a cuff patch like that when the Vet had previous service with the marines on Guadalcanal. It looks like a cool jacket and a nice addition. I am sure another member will be able to tell you more.
  22. Thank you. I agree the search is part of what I like most about collecting DI. I feel like with patches it is really hard to locate new rare patches but comparatively easy to find rare DI for reasonable prices. The only really great one that I have found in person is the hand carved Persian Gulf DI, but there are a surprising number of really great ones on eBay that go misidentified and overlooked. This 725th ROB pin which is one of the best in my collection was found on eBay under the trains category. Several of my new discoveries such as the Camp Crowder DI also came from eBay for as littl
  23. Those are not really Unit crests, they are leadership tabs with a bullion representation of the Korean Peninsula and say Korea on them. Here is a thread on the tabs. There have been several others written if you search for them.
  24. Additionally, the majority of my collection is pre-ww2, ww2, or occupation era. However, this next pin is an exception and one of two Vietnam era "Beer cans" that I have in my collection. This pin is for the 313rd Military Intelligence Battalion which is part of the 82nd airborne and deployed with them during Vietnam. This type of pin is known as a "beer can" because they are locally made and very thin, it is often said that they were made from melting down aluminum cans similar to the pot metal pins of Germany after ww2. I generally avoid these types of pins because they are heavily faked, ho
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