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  1. It is a Vietnam era helmet with what may be a ww2/Korean war liner. Interestingly it seems as if it had been a MP helmet previously. It looks as if you can see the outline of an MP sticker on the front and the red and white stripes that are showing would support that. It could be a neat restoration project if you wanted to.
  2. So goodwills in my area finally just got their holloween costumes out and while I didn't find anything spectacular I did find some eagles for only $12 that fit with my airborne trend. The choclate chip uniform is probably from a desert storm vet but is unfortunately missing the patches on the right sleeve leaving the ghost of a flag patch and a large circular patch that is a mystery to me. The transportation corps officer uniform is missing all the chest insignia, including the jump wings that used to be there. Sadly neither have a name in them so I cant tell if they belonged to the same indiv
  3. I found one of these as well, ASMIC has two entries for this pin one of which states that there were many fakes of this pin and that it took the author a while to find a authentic one and another published in 1991 which states that the insignia was made for collectors. Presumably since this one was found on an overseas cap it is genuine so does that mean that there are genuine examples that exist and they were not all made for collectors?
  4. Thats really cool, it is kind of funny that it has a note saying not to put any of it in the paper.
  5. Thats what I was thinking, its not so much a fake I think as a badly abused novlty knife in the hands of someone who doesn't know what it really is.
  6. I agree that they look fine, from the picture they appear painted maybe they are theater made? Just a guess going off the construction which does not seem like any US made screw backs I have seen. If that's true then it might explain the color if the paint has faded over time or dried weird to produce more of a green color.
  7. Ray42

    Glider wings

    I had not noticed that until you mentioned it. The discoloration does kind of make it look like it might have been replaced, I will have to take a closer look. At least its real and will display well from the front. Thanks for the response.
  8. To be honest Im not a 100% sure, I went along for the ride with my girlfriend who was looking for ideas for a Halloween party she is going to this week at Disney. I think it was either the one on 82nd or 96th street, it may have been further into Fishers however. That only narrows it down to like a half dozen places probably.
  9. Got this from the Goodwill in Indianapolis, again I dont think it was being sold as a costume but 'tis the season. Ive identified it to a member of the 188th GIR from Kokomo Indiana. I was going to wait to post a picture until I had all of the missing insignia to complete it with, but its probably more fitting to show it here as found. Judging from the display and information from the family I believe he may have been with the 188th from the beginning. He has two battle stars and an invasion arrowhead on his campaign ribbon which seems correct with what I have heard from the family about him s
  10. Thats pretty cool, Ive never been able to find a WV collar disk before. I wouldn't have guessed that it was WVA and not WV.
  11. Ray42

    Glider wings

    Thanks, I guess I just dont know what the current market is for world war two era wings.
  12. I believe that is an officer's serial number since it starts with O. There isn't a way I know of to identify an officer by their serial number. I would be interested to see if anyone else has one however. Nice knife however!
  13. Ray42

    Glider wings

    Thank you for confirming. Hopefully thats not too much of a loss at 40$. I really only needed something to serve as a placeholder on a uniform until I can locate a reasonably priced glider pin identical to the one the vetrain had anyway.
  14. Depends where you are from and what "region of goodwill that falls under. They do it in Iowa where I am a lot, but not quite the selection that eastern eagle seems to get. I only found one item in my travels through Illinois and Indiana last year, however so they don't seem to do it in those areas. That being said I did find one great uniform a week ago in Indianapolis that I think was being sold as an antique rather then a costume. I will post a picture once I have it ready for display.
  15. Ray42

    Glider wings

    Hopefully this one is better, it lost a little detail, but my main concern is that it appears the pin extends over the edge of the pin.
  16. Ray42

    Glider wings

    Sorry about that, I always seem to have that problem when I email a photo to myself from my phone, Ill try again.
  17. I am wondering if this glider wing looks good to people. I know its the "flat version" however the pin looks longer then the others I have seen online and not being an expert I thought I should ask people who know more then me if it looked ok or had been replaced. Thanks!
  18. I knew that was true for infantry units at least, I was not sure about artillery since they would seem to require more specialized training. Good to know it is possible.
  19. I think the 680th was glider field artillery, so it seems a little odd he would have jump wings and a parachute patch instead of the glider alternative. That's still pretty neat tho. Edit: I think the reason Kurt mentioned the 507th is that the title mistakenly says 507th KIA group.
  20. Very nice group, I especilly like the plastic ones. The only ones I think I have never encountered before and you might have trouble finding are some in the last picture but I think they are mostly Cavalry insignia. A very low cosgt way to do it might be type in keywords such as "Cavalry distinctive insignia" into ebay, odds are there would be a similar one labeled for sell.
  21. Ok, your's doesn't seem that far off from the m21, m21 normally have a .5625" hole mine had a hole of .625". The chamffing around the edge seems weird, I guess BB was just really bad at doing that. My guess is that it was a real HE that was converted to a practice one.
  22. Interesting, what is the size of the hole? I also have a BB grenade that may have been a practice grenade, however the hole is larger then the standard practice grenade hole. It would be interesting if this practice grenade also had a non-standard sized hole.
  23. That's a really nice group, are the M1 D's original guns, origional CMP M1D's that had reproduction extras like scope and rings added, or fantisy guns?
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