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    3 Bayonets

    I think the left is a Carcano bayonet and the right is a FAL. The center one could be any number of socket bayonets is it 3 or 4 edged?
  2. I believe that you are right and I beleive it did use to be painted, the textured band has some yellow tint to it in the recessed areas that I think might be the remnants of paint. Unfortunately if there was any other paint it wore off at some point. I will try to add another picture showing the color as well as the fact that this pin is extremely similear in size to most distinctive insignia. (Never mind the color doesn't really show up when the image got resized but it is in the circle area.)
  3. I am wondering if anyone recognizes this Distinctive Insignia and knows what unit it is for? When I purchased it at a military show it was part of a pair and I was told by the seller that it was Czechoslovakian made for a detached MP or Engineer company serving in the area but that he had never figured out which unit it was for. The insignia was either meant to be sewn on or had a pin running between the holes as I have seen some other Czechoslovakian ww2 badges having. I have searched on ASMIC with no luck so I thought it might be worth posting here.
  4. Here is a neat 25th division bullion that I picked up recently, the condition is terrible but the tab makes up for it I think.
  5. Either people got wise and began retracting their bids or the seller really was manipulating bids because the highest bid has dropped down to $255 after being up at $480.
  6. Thanks! I was pretty sure it had to be military given everything it was surrounded by but now Ill have to add that to the list of things to get when I go back. Those are some amazing finds, especially the Ike jacket that I assume is named since you don't say it is unnamed.
  7. I think the 30 bids could be real bidders, I was one of the first bidders and only placed an $11 max bid as a way to easily find it again since my watch list was full. The other low early bids may have been people trying to watch and see what happened without wanting to drive the price up too much. Good to know it isn't an authentic uniform, although I was never going to bid higher anyway. Thanks for pointing this out!
  8. Also does anyone know what this jacket is? It was with the other stuff and looks like it is military but I cannot see any tags to prove that. It seems to be fur lined.
  9. I found something exciting at an salvation army today, a 1944 dated officers overcoat (missing the ranks), 2 shirts, and 2 officers pants all named to the same gentleman. There is significantly more still at the place but my budget is telling me not to get the other coats yet. I have not been able to find much on his service career or what his rank was but it seems that D. E. Killip is currently a professor at my university's Dental school and served as an army dentist at least in the 70's judging by a modern shirt I found with a dentist insignia.
  10. Its not nearly as neat as some of the amazing helmets on here, but my rarest would probably be my salty and grafitied airborne helmet worn by an airforce CCT operator in Vietnam. Besides the great graffiti wings, the most important part of the helmet is the history because the individual was involved in securing landing zones for negotiators who were securing the release of American POWs in 1975 and was awarded a silver star when Saigon fell because he and a few other members of his team worked to remove unexploded ordinance from the airport runway so it could continue to operate.
  11. Nice guys! That Seabee uniform is pretty awesome and so is that 82nd airborne shirt.
  12. I saw those and thought it was my lucky day until I took a closer look, thanks for confirming my suspicions. ASMIC is definitely well worth the investment.
  13. That is a really cool personalized helmet! I would love to hear the story behind it.
  14. Well I stand corrected and it looks like you found a gem, the wings just looked too perfect and I guess that made me skeptical. There were only 69 results for the laundry number C1095: http://wwii-enlistment.com/search/?laundryNumber=C1095&search=Search&page=2 I tried going through most of them and got some really cool results but none so far that could be your guy, only one second Lt was for the 8th Airforce. Hopefully you have better luck and having the name of the estate would be a huge help.
  15. I am not sure how I feel about those wings, plus the bullion is sewn on using a different thread then the ETO patch this could mean that they were definitely put on at two different times. Im not an expert but I cant really see a sequence where these an individual would have had this combination. It would be pretty neat if was real tho.
  16. Thanks for the clarification, I thought that it might have been referring to cigarette lighter insignias, but I couldn't locate the article that it was referencing and for all I knew it might have referred to the weight since that seems like a pretty light weight DUI.
  17. I like that the helmet is a little salty, what is the story behind the little wooden plane?
  18. That purple heart documentation is really cool and that is a neat news artical to go with it.
  19. Acording to ASMIC issue for J-M 2003 the 34th infantry crest is Japanese made during the Korean war era and similar in construction to "lighter pieces" whatever that refers to.
  20. Thank you so much for the information it was a huge help! Pretty neat that he was on the USS Enterprise, thats cooler then anything I could have hoped to discover. Thats the great thing about goodwill, you really never know what you will find. Now that I look in the sleeve I can actually see the ghost of a private first class patch so this must have been the uniform he actually had on ship.
  21. I had another great find today, my first WW2 Marine items! I decided to hit the second goodwill in my city after school because far they hadn't put any uniforms out. I was pleasantly surprised to find a complete set of quartermaster issued USMC dress blues that were dated 1941-1942. The jacket has a nice embroidered felt Ship Detachment patch and is relatively moth free and unmessed with except for missing the EGA. All items are named to Kenneth W Ehrenfelt so it looks like I will have to get an Ancestry account to research his record. I can post a better photo of the jacket if anyone wants t
  22. Ray42

    Glider wings

    Thanks, Im glad I found them.
  23. That is a pretty neat find, it is unfortunate that a lot of things are missing thier insignias with no pattern to the maddness. Today I saw a 1969 dated marrines dress uniform that had everything except for the rank and service stripes stripped from it (even the buttons). At the same time I found a vfw uniform that still had all of its ww2 ribbons on it.
  24. Thanks for the confermation, I had actually just discovered an example with the MFO patch on the forum and realized what it was. Unfortunately, that means this is not from desert storm and it is more questionable if the other uniform is from the same individual since I do not believe that the MFO qualified for overseas bars. What are the odds of the uniforms of two different individuals from the 101st showing up in the same place tho?
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