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  1. I was actually able to find a second set of initials that are N. M. A. so it looks like my first thought was correct and M is a middle initial, which means I now have no idea what the last name is.
  2. I hope these help, I think my photos get decompressed and made smaller at some point either when I email them to myself or save it to my computer, however if I do it differently then the file is too large to post. I hope these turn out better and apologize if they do not.
  3. Thanks, I will try to post better pictures later today. I considered whether it used unpainted A washers. Half of them seem unpainted, however some of them seem to have the remains of some OD paint that has been wearing off so I am not sure. Is it possible that it was a transition piece that used a mix of painted and unpainted washers? Also I tried posting pictures based on what others had previously provided for opinionions on helmets, but what pictures would be helpful to you and what should I provide better pictures of besides the washers?
  4. Besides the CMP I have picked up most of my M1 garands and carbines at either gun shows or shops. There really is no substitute for being able to handle the gun before you buy it and it will sometimes surprise you what you can find out in the wild. It is also always worth looking on gunbroker.com, it is a great site with a lot of quality rifles popping up all the time and it is relatively easy to buy from and ship to your local gun shop.
  5. That is a really cool item, and even cooler that you have a letter mentioning it. Thankfully it seems to have made it home without breaking. I wonder if PW11547 is the prisoner number on the individual who made the carving. It would be interesting if you could find out who made it.
  6. When I was briefly living in Beijing I saw a woman who was wearing all fake Supreme streatwear that was in hot pink tiger stripes down to even her shoes and skate board. It stands out in my mind as one of the oddest things I saw over there. There will always be people who think something looks cool and makes a fashion statement out of it.
  7. Finally the name in it, looks like N. M. Artin, although it might make sense if the dot after the M was just a smudge and it was Martin. Thanks for looking.
  8. Last weekend I purchased what I hope is my first WW2 helmet at a local military show. I have spent some time trying to do my homework so that I would be able to recognize a good helmet but I am still no where near being an expert so I wanted to post it on here to see what others thought. It is a fixed bail with a Seaman Paper liner with OD washers. The webbing is the correct color so I do not believe that was a postwar replacement and unfortunately the chinstrap is missing and the headband is shredded which means that those can't help dating it. The Lt insignia is painted on sloppier then mo
  9. Thats a really nice visor, I love hitting up goodwills because you really never know what you will find.
  10. Ray42

    Patch Tabs

    A 127th MP CO tab (theater made?) that was found on a MP armband
  11. Ray42

    Patch Tabs

    A possibly German 2D Armd Cav. and boarder patrol tabs that were found together on a uniform
  12. Ray42

    Patch Tabs

    I love this topic, here are the few intresting tabs that I can share, first up a bullion 25th infantry Korea division tab (looks like the moths got to it before I could)
  13. Oh thanks, I don't know much about navy items and just assumed it was because it was very similar to the other jumpers I had. Those are some awesome finds!
  14. Has anyone found anything intresting this past week? I love seeing the cool things that can be found at Goodwills. Here are some of the things I found, the most noteworthy items are the 1918 mills belt, a ww2 navy uniform, a ton of 50's-60's marine items, and the beret for the 101st airborne uniform I found earlier.
  15. Does anyone have an oppinion on whether or not this is really a distinctive insignia or not? Has anyone seen one of similear construction before?
  16. Ray42

    3 Bayonets

    I think the left is a Carcano bayonet and the right is a FAL. The center one could be any number of socket bayonets is it 3 or 4 edged?
  17. I believe that you are right and I beleive it did use to be painted, the textured band has some yellow tint to it in the recessed areas that I think might be the remnants of paint. Unfortunately if there was any other paint it wore off at some point. I will try to add another picture showing the color as well as the fact that this pin is extremely similear in size to most distinctive insignia. (Never mind the color doesn't really show up when the image got resized but it is in the circle area.)
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